Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Reading Book List for Anyone and Everyone

A summer reading book list for anyone and everyone.  Juvenile/Kid chapter books, Young Adult books, Adult books, historical fictions, realistic fiction, and all types of fiction make up this fabulous  list.  Alohamora Open a Book

Lots of summer reading lists here.  Lots of really great books here.  Really, there is no excuse to not have a good book, or many good books, to read this summer.   

The only problem you may have is deciding which book from all of these books to start with.  Though, feel free to holler with any questions or if you are struggling to decide.  I'm happy to help. 

These books below range from Juvenile to Young Adult to Adult books.  These books range from classics that you may have not read for a long time to newer award winning books.  They are all great books, but they are all very different so you can find one for you. .

Do you have any to add to this Summer Reading List for All?  

Check out these books for...

Anyone and Everyone

This fabulous and well written historical fiction is about the friendship of a Chinese boy and a Japanese girl in Seattle during WWII. 
For my thoughts/review click here

A great YA book that adults will love too.  You will laugh and cry and entirely enjoy reading the entire time.  Plus the movie comes out this Friday! 
For my thoughts/review click here

Touching and frustrating all at the same time.  This fiction book will tug at your heart strings and open your eyes a bit.

A classic, and it has probably been far too long since you've read it.  Give it another quick read this summer.  I promise you'll enjoy it far more than you did when you were reading it in your HS English class. 

I've been surprised to hear how many people did not read this book in HS or ever.  A quick read that will bring about some good discussion. 

Definitely an interesting read of a place and time period that will captivate you.  Golden wrote a fabulous book here. 

A story told through letters that has wonderful characters, a fascinating storyline, and is incredibly well written.  This book will make you fall in love with a place you've never been. 

It may be marketed as a juvenile book, but it is a fabulous book with a lot of depth.  You will find yourself touched and affected by this novel.  It's a bonus that it is such a fast read as well.  
For my thoughts/review click here

This Young Adult (YA) novel won the Printz several years ago.  It's a fast and riveting read about a world war in present day and time. Highly enjoyable!

I know I just went to the library this movning and came home with books bulging out of my bag.  It's going to be a good summer... even if it is ridiculously hot here in AZ. 

Happy reading! 


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