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Summer Reading Book Lists for Twelfth (12th) and College Students

Summer Reading Book Lists for Kids going into 12th grade as well college students.  Fabulous non-fiction and fiction books for both boys and girls.  These books will inspire, intrigue, surprise, and all around leave you happy you read them.  Many of these are clean books as well.  I also threw in a few classics for good measure. Alohamora Open a Book

I love summer!  I love having no school, or fewer classes at least if your in college during summer term.  I love the warmth.  I love the pool, beach, or boat time.  I love the sunshine, and I love reading.

The summertime is a great time to read.  It's a time to read books for fun and truly enjoy what reading is and can be all about.

The past several weeks I've given you loads of reasons to read.  I've given scientific research as well as down right a teacher/librarian begging you to get your kids reading during the summer so they don't lose too much knowledge.

I personally think reading is fun, though I didn't always feel that way.  I actually hated reading until my senior year in college.  I personally think everyone can feel that reading is fun and enjoyable with the right book in his or her hand.  It doesn't matter if you are young or old.

The following book lists have many of those "right books" and they are for all different ages.  As always read from whatever list you want.  The reading level doesn't matter.  What is important is that you are excited about the choice you are making and the book you are reading.

Here are book lists published earlier with loads of fabulous books on them:

Below is the Summer Reading Book Lists for Kids Going Into 12th Grade and College Students b/c let's be honest it's easy to not read anything fun when you are a Senior in high school or in College.  However, we all know we should, and reading for fun is a lot more enjoyable than textbooks every are.

The books below all range from historical fictions, to thought provoking fictions, fun non-fiction, light but enjoyable realistic fictions, and all around fantastically written books.  Check them out.

For Kids Going Into...
12th Grade

This book may be a tough subject matter, but it is not your typical WWII book.  It's a very good book for boys and girls, but it is sad. 
For my thoughts/review click here

A great Dessen book with a relatable subject matter for this age group especially.  Light and enjoyable read, but it is a book with depth as well.  Girls will be drawn to this book more than boys. 
For my thoughts/review click here

A movie based on this book came out in December, but the writing in this book is fabulous and it really should be read by boys and girls.  

A fun non-fiction book with plenty of different sociology studies to talk about and discuss.  Fascinating book both boys and girls will enjoy. 

A thought provoking book for boys and girls that gives a different perspective we may not always consider in the situation.  However, the subject matter, about a school shooting, may be tough for some people. 
For my thoughts/review click here.

A fabulous eye-opening non-fiction book for both boys and girls. 

Green is a great author, and this book won a Printz Award b/c it is a fabulous book.  However, there is some language, drugs, and sex mentioned in the book.  Both boys and girls can enjoy Green's books.  

For Kids Going Into or In...

Fabulous and unique fiction book with a fabulous setting and story line that boys and girls can enjoy.  There is some adult content,  alcohol as well as sex mentioned but not graphic. 
A great historical fiction book for boys and girls that will most definitely inspire you.  It's also set to have a movie based on it soon.  

A quick and short read that is just all around interesting.  Both boys and girls will enjoy this one.

A classic that girls will enjoy most.  The old English writing style may be hard for some to get into, but it gets easier and it is most definitely worth it.  The story is fabulous!  A great summer reread if you've already read it.  
Bonus for poor college students, this book is a free book on your e-reader b/c it's an older book.  

A wonderful and inspiring read for everyone.  It's a quick read as well, so you can get it done in a weekend. 

An interesting book,that won the Printz, that is well written and enjoyable for boys and girls.  It's not what you will expect, but it's well worth a read this summer. 
For my thoughts/review click here

A classic that everyone should read at least once.
Another free book on your e-reader as well!

Happy Reading!  Summertime is a wonderful time to pick up a good book!


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