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Summer Reading Book Lists for Tenth (10th) and Eleventh (11th) Graders

Summer Reading book lists for kids going into tenth (10th) and eleventh (11th) grades.  Great books for boys, girls, reluctant readers, adults, parents, teachers, and more. Alohamora Open a Book

You should read.  You should read books.  You should encourage your kids to read (non-fiction or fiction).  Research has shown time and time again how beneficial reading is for the young, teenager, and old.  Plus, if parents read it can encourage kids to be readers.  

I know high school kids have reading lists for classes sometimes.  However, reading something b/c you have to for a class is a whole different reading experience, but reading something b/c you want to is really where things get enjoyable.

The Summer Reading Book Lists below are for kids going into 10th and 11th grade. They are all fabulous books and books you will find enjoyable no matter your age.  

If reading is not a favorite pass time of your son or daughter try reading a book with them..  This can really help them see the fun reading is and can be.  Plus, it'll be good bonding and time with them.      

In general reading is good, and if a book on one of these other lists interests you more by all means read it.  Just read! 

FYI: Starting next week you should be able to sign up for your local library's Summer Reading Program.  Adults, teens, children, and babies can all sign up.  You'll get free stuff, and you'll have a lot of fun reading awesome books.  Stores like Barnes and Noble do summer reading programs as well.   

Summer Reading for Kids Going Into...
Tenth (10th) 

A book for boys and girls that will really get them thinking and gain some perspective. 
For my thoughts/review click here

A great book with a musical touch for those musically inclined individuals or not so musically inclined like myself.  This book is about a girl trying to please her parents as well as do what she wants.  Kids will be able to relate. 
For my thoughts/review click here.

A super fast read with a fairy tale twist that is perfect for a reluctant girl reader. 

This Printz Honor book is a different and fasicnating story both boys and girls will enjoy. 
For my thoughts/review click here.

I love this book.  It's a great story and all about girl power.  I highly recommend this book to every girl no matter the age. 

This book is about a 16 year old boy that is on trial for murder.  It is gritty and real and a great book for boys and girls... though mostly boys.  However, there is reference to sex, violence, and drugs but it is all in context.

Odd and quirky book with a fun storyline and crazy real pictures.  Both boys and girls will enjoy this book. 
For my thoughts/review click here.

Summer Reading for Kids Going Into...
Eleventh (11th) 

A classic that most have read, but it's a great read that is worth a reread.  Plus the 3rd movie comes out this December. 
For my thoughts/review click here.

A great book with a movie coming out this summer.  Both boys and girls will enjoy this read.  There is mention of sex and underage drinking, but it's actually quite clean. 
For my thoughts/review click here.

A book about a girl dealing with anorexia, it is a great book for girls.  Anderson writes about some tough subject matters, but they are written in such a fabulous way. 

A great non-fiction book that both boys and girls will find fascinating with all of the sociology studies throughout.

A fabulous and funny historical fiction set during the civil rights time period in the south.  This may be an adult novel, but it's clean and all can enjoy it.  A movie came out a few years ago. 
For my thoughts/review click here.

A modern day fairy tale twist of Little Red Riding Hood.  Boys may not gravitate to this book, but they’ll enjoy the story just as much as girls do.
For my thoughts/review click here.
Is gruesome and intense and an extremely well written story.  Boys will love it, and girls will squirm at parts but love the story as well.  
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Happy Reading!  

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