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Fathomless gets 3.5 Stars

Fathomless by Jackson Pearce gets 3.5 stars.  It's a good book, but lacks a bit as well.  This supernatural modern day fairytale is good, but it's my least favorite in the Pearce's Fairy Retelling Series. Alohamora Open a Book

What would happen if the Little Mermaid had a dark side?  Fathomless by Jackson Pearce is just that; it's a modern day fairy retelling of the Little Mermaid without the princesses and singing crabs.  This supernatural modern day fairy tale retelling is dark, unique, and a fun read.  

Fathomless is the 3rd in Pearce's Fairy Tale Retelling series with Sisters Red, and Sweetly preceding it.  I liked Fathomless, but I feel it is the weakest book in the series.

Fathomless just didn't grab me like the others did.  However, fans of the series will be all over this book.  I also feel high school students will thoroughly enjoy this book as well.    

I gave Fathomless 3.5 out of 5 stars.  It's a good book, with a unique story line.  I liked the connections with Sweetly, but I was also glad that the book could stand alone.  A reader doesn't have to read the books in order, but it's fun if you have.  

Overall, I think this clean book is enjoyable and I don't regret reading it.  I was even found quite captivated with the story near the end to the point of not paying attention to my toddlers as they did not so pleasant toddler things.  Ooops.  The action and build-up of the storyline climaxed well.   

Fathomless received a weaker star rating purely for the character development.  Overall the development of Lo/Nadia and Celia was weak.  It could've and should've been stronger.  I also wish the development of Jude was a bit more interesting and involved; though, I could say that about Celia's sisters as well.  To be honest, the overall lack of character development is really the reason why the book dragged a bit near the beginning and was more difficult to really get into it.  

All in all, Fathomless is a good clean book that is a good, but not great, addition to a fun supernatural with a touch of romance in this modern day fairy tale series.  

Amazon had the following book review

"Shy Celia has always felt overshadowed by her beautiful and talented sisters, Anne and Jane. While Anne can see the future and Jane can see the present, Celia, the youngest triplet, is embarrassed by her own “useless” ability to see the past. That is, until Celia encounters Lo, a mysterious girl from the sea, and Jude, a handsome musician whom Celia and Lo save from drowning. Lo cannot remember who she was or how she became an “ocean girl”; she knows only that her one chance in regaining her humanity lies in seducing and sacrificing Jude. Or can she forge another path with Celia’s help? Seasoned fairy-tale adapter Pearce balances a myriad of voices, narrators, and histories in this fresh, modern, and creepy take on Hans Christian Andersen’s “Little Mermaid.” While the basis for this story will be familiar to most, Pearce’s innovative twists and brisk pacing make for a quick and deliciously suspenseful read that will appeal to those who enjoy their paranormal romance with a side of murder." 

Have you read the series and/or the book?  It's a fun one you will enjoy by the pool or beach this summer.  

Happy Reading!


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