Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Summer Reading for Kindergarten and 1st Graders

Summer Reading book lists for kids going into Kindergarten and First Grade.  Great books kids and adults will enjoy.  Alohamora Open a Book

Research has shown that reading to your child when he or she is young is the greatest way to ensure reading success.  Plus, reading leads to speech and writing development as well.  There are just too many benefits to not read to your child.  

Summertime is a great time to read to your kids.  Plus, they are Summer Reading programs at your local libraries where you and your kids could get loads of cool free stuff including a book!

These two book lists below are for kids going into Kindergarten and First Grade.  If you have a toddler/preschooler the Kindergarten list will work as well.

I didn't include any novels/chapter books on this list, but you know your child.  If your child has a good attention span and you think he/she would enjoy a longer chapter book then go for it.  

So, for kiddos going into...

A light hearted book, but a fun one to get excited for Kindergarten.  
There are several Miss. Bindergarten books that you could read.

A sweet story that reminds kids of the love their parents have for them. 

Great author with, a great story that all those worrisome kids will enjoy and relate to.

 Great alphabet book that boys and girls love. 

A funny rhyming story that children can and will begin to “read” parts of the story after they’ve heard it.

A humorous story with a pattern which is perfect for those soon to be/beginning readers.

A fun wordless book that allows your new readers to tell or “read” you the story.  
Wordless books are great for beginning  or learning readers.

For your child going into... 
First Grade:

A fun story about a police officer and a dog who teach students to follow the rules.

A fabulous non-fiction book (which boys and girls of this age LOVE) with amazing animals that are small to the very large. 

A bear wants his hat back and asks all of his friends where it is; you may be surprised where he finds his hat.

If your child isn't already, they will soon be able to read this to you all by themselves. 

Fun book to read together or for your child to read alone; this book will have you wondering if the images are a duck or a rabbit. 

Another Eric Carle book that is fun and a bit more grown up for your almost 1st grader.

Happy Reading!  You are never too young or old to enjoy a good book 

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