Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Best Books of 2013

Merry Christmas!  I hope you have had a most wonderful day with the people you love, and I hope you got a few new books today or maybe a gift card to get to enjoy some books soon.  As I said in my last book post, I think books are wonderful gifts to give and receive.  Seriously, I love it!.  However, I do realize that I am a librarian, book hoarder, and lover of all things book related.  Supposedly, there are some people in the world that aren't as into books as say I am. 

With less than a week left in the year I wanted to make sure to give y'all my Best Books of the Year list.  I am sure you will find this all inclusive and the only Best Books list you will need this year. ;)

Okay, that is probably not the case, especially b/c I only did my Best of/Favorites from the books I reviewed on here this year.  Even though that criteria may have limited my choices, I think that decision made this list possible.  I, for one, have a ridiculous time telling someone what my all time favorite book is.  However, I did have to write that on an ornament in a library I was working in and I did choose Harry Potter, especially #4. 

Every year I read a lot of really great books, but each book in the categories below are down right amazing.  If you have not read them you need to get it/them from the library pronto.  If you have read them, do you agree with me?  Are they worthy of the title?    

Without further ado, I proudly present...

Best Books of 2013-

 Megan Ruth's Best Books of 2013

Children’s Picture Book: 
It is downright hilarious and creative and has wonderful pictures. 

Though there were WAY too many good ones in this category this year. 
No Sleep for the Sheep and This is Not My Hat were close runner-ups. 

Children's/Juvenile Literature:  
I like this one better than the first one.  Great clean wholesome read for a literature circle group, class read aloud, etc. 

Young Adult Literature:
Incredibly deep and thought provoking; it is a wonderful addition to the series.

However, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children was a very close second b/c it's eccentric and unique and a fun storyline.  Maybe I could say these two books tied b/c they are both so very good in different ways. 

Some may be surprised that Allegiant didn't make the list.  I loved Divergent, but Allegiant wasn't nearly as good and there were other YA books that were better.  

Adult Literature:
They both were amazing books, with amazing story lines.  Plus, I learned a little history in each of them.  They also are great book club books b/c the discussion topics are numerous.  Very though provoking.  

It really is a most fabulous book.  I learned a ton, enjoyed the story line, and it is all around well written.  If you have not read Bomb you need to read it right away.  It's down right amazing!  I recommend it to all, both young (late elementary) and old as well as boys and girls.  Everyone enjoys it.  Read it!

Overall Favorite Book of 2013: 

Even though I totally grumbled and thought picking my favorites was tough I still totally loved looking back at the great books from this past year.  

I can't wait to see what fun adventures I will go on and things I will learn from the books I will read and review this coming year.  

New years and new books are always fun.   

Happy Reading!  

Honestly though, what did you think of my list?  Yay or Nay... share your opinion I'd love to hear it!  


  1. Thank you for reminding about books I have wanted to read, but have forgotten about.

    We too LOVED Creepy Carrots, it's now on the "To Buy" list