Thursday, March 17, 2016

7 GREEN Mint Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

7 Green Mint Recipes for St. Patrick's Day!  These cakes, cookies, brownies, pies, trifles, and scones are delicious and perfect mint goodness for this fun holiday. Alohamora Open a Book easy to make, homemade, recipe list, from a box, cookies, yum!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  How are you celebrating?  Are you going for a Leprechaun Hunt with preschoolers or kindergartners? Are you drinking some Green Magic or dunking into Green Dip?  

To be honest, I'll probably do all of those above as well as enjoy something minty.  I'm not sure what it is about Mint, but it just makes me think of St. Patrick's Day.  

If you like mint give one of these recipes a go.  I have quick and easy recipes as well as homemade from scratch.  I'm sure you can find one you'll enjoy! 

So delicious and easy to make from a box.  If you are a BYU fan they are BYU Mint Brownie copycats. Tasty! You can quickly whip these up for a last minute treat. 

Can you say oh my delicious?! Moist chocolate cake from scratch, and pouring a ganache over the top is the easiest frosting job ever.  I love it, and I love ganache!  These make great cupcakes too!

Nothing says St. Patrick's Day and mint like Andes.  These soft and thick cookies are amazing! 

Now that they sell all green mint M&M cookies these cookies are perfect for St. Patrick's Day as well as Christmas.  These soft, delicious, and chocolaty cookies are scrumptious and a must for lovers of all things chocolate and mint. 

Yes, this brownie pie is as delicious as it sounds.  Bonus that it is easy to make and put together in an afternoon.  Just looking at this picture has me craving them. 

This trifle is ready in an hour, and it's a lite aka healthier treat.  Healthier and treat are always a winning combination. 

The last mint recipe for you today seems very English, which is geographically close to Ireland.  Add the mint in there and it is practically the perfect St. Patrick's Day treat. ;)

Happy Mint Eating aka Happy St. Patrick's Day!  

Are you a corned beef and cabbage or a mint St. Patrick's day eater?

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