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7 Books You're Lucky Enough to Read {Book List}

7 Books you are lucky enough to read.  All of these books are amazing books, make great read alouds for teachers, librarians, and parents, and some of the very best books around.  Alohamora Open a Book books for boys, girls, picture books, middle grade, juvenile lit, ya, young adult, teen, adult fiction, kidlit, nonfiction, amazing books, clean reads

There are some books that are just amazing, and I consider myself lucky enough if i've read them.  These 7 books (lucky #7 of course) make me feel Lucky Enough

These lucky 7 books are all absolutely wonderful reads, and if you haven't read them go check them out as soon as possible.  If you have read these lucky 7 books then pick them up again; they are worth it!

7 Books You’re Lucky Enough to Read

Picture Book:

This witty and fun book is one of my favorite Mo Willems' books… and I love a lot of his books. I own a lot of them too... they are that good!

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs may be a little wordy and long for a young kid, but if your toddler loves books and can sit through a longer picture book then he or she will love this fun fairy tale retelling. 

Middle Grade/Juvenile Fiction:

Levine may be best known for Ella Enchanted and it is a great book, but this book is my favorite one of hers.  I was lucky enough to have a friend find this gem of a book at a thrift store and gave it to me. Score!  Ever since my first reading of this fabulous book with awesome girl power it has been one of my very favorite.

Among the Hidden is the first book in the fantastic Shadow Children series. Boys and girls alike love the action, suspense, and all around great story line.  This book makes a great read aloud, and I'd have the majority of my students requesting Haddix books after i did read it aloud. . 

Young Adult/YA/Teen Reads:

I love Meg Cabot for her clean, light and easy beach reads. There have been more than one Cabot book to have been read in one sitting.  During my high school librarian days I was lucky enough to have found a fun new Cabot book that was also a mystery.  This book is a well written mystery that is still light and easy to read.  

Oh how I love HP, and if you have fallen in love with this series you know how lucky you are.  Can you believe I am coming across more and more kids that haven't read this series by J.K. Rowling? *Gasp* HP opens up the fantasy genre to a genre for everyone, and I wish every child could truly experience the magic of Harry Potter.  This series should be read over and over again.

Oh, and have you seen the new illustrated version? This new "picture" version has my 3 and 4 year old swooning, and to be honest I'm in love too! As an FYI, only the first book is illustrated, but book 2, Chamber of Secrets, is due to come out this fall. 

Adult Fiction:

If you follow me on Instagram (@alohamoraopenabook) you will have seen me raving about Kristin Hannah's book already.  I promise to do a blog book review oh so soon.  However, in the meantime know that I consider The Nightingale to be amazing; it is so very good and I feel lucky enough to have read one of my absolute favorite WWII Historical Fictions.  

This book is really one of the best adult fiction books I've read in a really long time.  It is well written and emotionally invests you as the reader. It is just amazing! 


This book may be short, but it is chocked full of great life lessons.  It is an inspiring read that you'll want to re-read many times over.  I'm a big fan!

There you go, 7 books you'll consider yourself lucky to have read. 

Happy 7 Lucky Enough Books Reading

Any books you'd add or change in this list?  I  love to hear your book thoughts. 

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