Saturday, October 24, 2015

Not Your Typical Ghost Picture Books {Book List}

Not your tupical, or scary even Ghost stories picture book list.  These 5 books are fun to read, great counting concept books, and make for fun Halloween read alouds for parent, teachers, or librarians. Alohamora Open a Book kidlit, toddlers, preschool, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th grade.  halloween, fun, funny, zombies, witches, monsters, friendship, tales

Monsters, Ghosts, Witches, and Mummies...They are what Halloween is made of.  Well, those and then some fantastically witty costumes. 

This year my 3 year old son was trying to decide between a traffic light and a ghost.  I was silently rooting for the traffic light; with my husband being a traffic engineer I thought it'd be a fun costume.  However, my son finally decided on ghosts and hasn't wavered really since.  I can't complain.  I love that my kiddos picked "not your typical" costumes.

You may think ghosts is a typical Halloween costume, but it really isn't.  How many of you know someone that has dressed up as a ghost?  I honestly don't know anyone.  Maybe my son's ghost costume idea isn't a "not your typical," but it definitely isn't trendy.  Maybe I should just say it's a retro/classic costume idea.  

There are tons of fun Halloween books out there.  I've given you several Halloween or Halloweenish book lists, and you should trust me that every book on this list is fantastic for a different reason.  I'm 99% sure you can find a Halloween books you'd like to read here.    

Last week, I gave your 10 fantastic books all about Monsters, Not Too Scary Monster Books

Here are a few other book lists you may enjoy. 

Today I'm giving you GHOST Books.  These ghost books are not your typical creepy scary ghost books.  These ghosts books are fun for all toddler through elementary school aged kiddos.  Go check a few of these out. 

Not Your Typical Scary GHOST  Books

This book has monsters, mummies, ghosts, skeletons, and more in this not scary but fun.  This Ghost Story counts up to 5 and has a great rhythm to a popular children's tune.  There are a lot of onomatopoeia in this book as well which would be great for a lesson with 3rd-5th graders. .  
Best for Toddler through 2nd, but fabulous read aloud for a lesson with kids up to 5th grade.

Zen Ghosts is wordy like the other Zen books, but there is depth to the story and inferring needed to really "get" it. 
This book is best for 3rd through 6th grade, but kids as young as toddlers that have the attention span for the longer books will still enjoy it as well.

This book includes ghosts, zombies, witches, skeletons, and more.  This book is counting concept book, a fun book, and a great book to teach Word Choice (onomatopoeia).  It is a fun read aloud for many ages.   
Best for Toddlers to 2nd grade.

Leo is a friendly ghost that really just wants a friend.  It’s a cute simple story, and it is one where Leo is needed for his unique attributes.  This book is not even close to being scary, just sweet.
Best for Preschool through 3rd grade.

This book is a counts up to 10 with simplicity, repetitious phrases great for crowd involvement, great rhythm and rhymes, and there are plenty of fun characters like ghosts, witches, and more Halloween characters kids will love. 
Best for 2nd through 7th grade. 

Ghosts that are friendly and fun, like Casper :), make for some pretty fun, and not scary at all, Halloween books.  

Happy Not your typical Ghost Story book reading! 


  1. What awesome suggestions!! I love Halloween books and my daughter is getting really into all the spookiness too :-) Sharing!

    1. Thanks JoAnn! It's fun when kids can get into the fun of the holiday. All of these books are all fun reads with the spooky characters of Halloween in a fun situation/storyline. Enjoy! Happy reading!