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My Favorite Books of 2016 {Picture Books, Middle Grade Lit, YA Lit, Adult Fiction, Non-Fiction}

My 15 Favorite Books of 2016. Picture Books, Middle Grade Fiction, Young Adult Lit, Adult Literature, and Non-Fiction books. Amazing reads.  Fast reads, Great books.  Books for all ages boys and girls alike will enjoy.  Lion Inside, Flawed, Lemoncello, historical fiction, graphic novel, non-fiction, mystery, Nightingale, Harry Potter, civil rights, contemporary, dystopian, amazing books. Alohamora Open a Book

I read, listen, and review a few books every year.  Okay, more than a few.  I've read the good, bad, and even ugly books this past year; but that is the hazard of being a bookworm. 

These 15 books are all great books.  If you haven't read them you should definitely add all of these to your "to read" pile for 2017. 

My 15 Favorite Books of 2016

Picture Books

The Hug Machine will hug the big, small, or spikey; he hugs everyone. He is the Hug Machine, and his story is sweet and fun for boys and girls alike.  

Every one has a lion and a mouse inside.  This story of bravery, courage, doing hard things, and friendship is a sweet one that will definitely earn a spot on your bookshelves.  

Bruce, a bear, is hungry and grumpy, but he's a lot softer than he thinks. 

Donuts and a fun, simple, and effective book on using good manners.  This book is a win for preschoolers as well as older kids.  A fun read aloud for many ages.

Middle Grade Fiction

These Lemoncello books are so fun for the bookworms and puzzle fans.  These books are fun and magical in a non-magical way.  
For my review click here.

A clean and wonderfully told story of summer fun, freedom, and friendship.
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An absolutely fantastic WWII historical fiction with great character development as well as a creative and inspiring story.  A must read. 
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Young Adult Literature

A dystopian novel that will keep you quickly turning the pages and keeping you guessing the storyline.  Book 2, Perfect, comes out in 2017
For my review click here

This book is a little bit mystery and a lot of fun to read about the adventures and trouble Digby and Zoe get themselves into.  
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A fractured tale of The Arabian Nights. This first in the series book will have you reading late into the night.  This is a fast paced creative and unique story. 
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Adult Literature

This mystery is so well written it will keep you guessing until the last chapter.  
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 I just love Harry Potter, and though this wasn't as good as the series it was fun to reminisce with the characters we've all come to love.  
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This WWII historical fiction story is absolutely amazing; it was probably my favorite book of the year.  If you have not read this book do so now.  Amazing!
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I suggest listening to this book as you multi-task.  For the busy woman who wants to do it all (family, work, hobbies, etc.) this book will inspire you and give you ideas on how to do it.  

I loved Book 1, and Book 2 was great as well.  This civil rights graphic novel is enlightening and inspiring.  I loved learning new things about the Civil Rights Movement and being able to read this book super fast. 
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These are my favorite books of 2016, what were some of your favorites? 

Happy Fabulous Book Reading in 2017!

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