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Summer Reading Book Lists for Eighth (8th) and Ninth (9th) Grade

Summer Reading Book Lists for Kids Going Into.. Eighth (8th) and Ninth (9th) Grade.  Teens, reluctant readers, parents, teachers, and everyone will love these books. Alohamora Open a Book

This week I'm just diving right into the book lists for you.  I've told you all about why you should read to your kids (whether young or big), and that it is especially helpful for reluctant readers, aka those that don't love to read.   Read to and with your kids.  Read the books they are reading.  Enjoy these awesome books.  Everyone wins when we read!   

If you have kids in younger grades, or you just love juvenile literature/books like I do check out these other lists: 

The summer reading book lists below are for Kids Going Into Eighth (8th) and Ninth (9th) Grade. Though, you parents, teachers, and just loads of other people will love many of these books as well. 

Excuse my misspelling up above... I have to teach preschool tomorrow and I only have so much time while the kids are sleeping.  Slackerness is winning over my OCD tendencies today.  

Summer Reading for Kids Going Into...
8th Grade:

Fabulous non-fiction book that boys will love, and a girl can/will love as well.  The history is great, and presented in a mostly great way.  A tad slow at times, but all in all this true story is fascinating. 
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This book was one of the first Sci-Fi books; it's a classic and so good that boys and girls alike will enjoy. The audio book is quite good (for reluctant readers to use and follow along to), and the series is all around great. 

This is the first in the Alex Ryder series.  Stormbreaker and this series are great spy thrillers with a lot of action and is fast paced.  Boys love it, girls can dig it. 

This Newbery Winner is a great read that will surprise you.  It really isn't what I expected from Gantos, but there is a lot of depth.  However, Gantos quirkiness is totally present and that's what makes it fun.. 
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A fabulous, popular (just made into a movie), and fast paced action dystopian book.  Boys and girls as well as the young and older enjoy this read and series in which Divergent is the first.  If your 8th grader hasn't read this then read it; if they have, read it again.  It's always better than the movie, and a great read by the pool/beach. 
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This book is based at the beginning of WWII, but it's not a WWII book that you'll expect.  Smith worked with Elephants at one point, and he includes so much detail you will feel you are right there with them.  Boys and girls alike will enjoy this fast read. 

Peak by Roland Smith is another great book and it is perfect for those hikers and outdoorsy type of people.  The details in hiking Everest is impressive; I felt I learned so much about the equipment and what it was like that I may be able to do it... or not.  

Boys may have a difficult time getting into this book, but girls will absolutely relate and love the depth of this read.  It's a fabulous book... tho all of Dessen's books are.  
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Summer Reading for Kids Going Into... 
9th Grade:

Powerful book for girls.  Boys can read it, but they wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much as girls will.  This book is great for any high school girl, and it is a fast read.  However, it is a tough subject matter. 
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A great non-fiction for the WWII history lover.  However, this book is written so well that even non non-fiction/history fans will enjoy reading this Bartoletti book.  
Bartoletti also wrote an interesting book about the KKK.

This Printz Honor book may not be a book readers gravitate to on their own, but it is fabulously written.  However, even a reluctant reader (with a parent reading with them) will end up loving it.

The first in this dystopian type of book.  It's a fast read full of action, and it's a book boys and girls alike enjoy.  There are 4 books in the series, but to be honest I pretend the last one isn't published. Trust me just read the first three; give Uglies, Pretties, and Specials a read this summer.  They are fun. 

A movie just came out based on this book, and it is a good movie.  However, the book is written fabulously so read the book first (or at least read it if you already saw the movie).  This book is one teens and adults, boys and girls will enjoy.  Not your typical WWII book, and the narrator may surprise you.

 An Oceans 11 but with high school girls.  This fun read is fast and full of adventure.  High school girls will love it.  Boys would enjoy it too, but they would doubtfully read it. 

Happy Reading! 


  1. Just added the ones I haven't read yet to my list at the library! :)

  2. I picked up bomb at the library prepared to read it and my almost six grader nabbed it and it's really enjoying it. Now he is asking hard questions about nuclear war.

    1. Yay for him enjoying it (it's a very boy book:), but that definitely makes your life interesting. Bomb would bring about some hard questions and hopefully good discussions.

  3. Hi for Ender's Game did you mean to write it was one of the first Sci-Fi-Fi books you read? Because it is by no means the one of the first Sci-Fi-Fi books, Science Fiction as a popular Genre had existed for at least 100 years by the time Ender's Game was written.