About Me

 Hi!  I'm MeganRuth.  Thanks for stopping by.  Just so you can get to know me better, and so we can be friends...

Here are thirteen random facts about me:

  1. I hated to read until I was in my senior year of college when I took a Children's Lit class and now I'm a librarian who reads a ridiculous amount.
  2. I love talking books.  When someone asks me, texts me. or emails me asking me for book suggestions it makes my day. 
  3. I have a learning disability (which made reading difficult and therefore not fun), but I have learned to overcome that disability.  I truly believe and know that everyone can love to read; sometimes they just need help finding the right book to get it all started.  
  4. The first book I ever read and remember enjoying was, Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites. Anyone read it? 
  5. I drove a golf cart to elementary school one day and parked it in the bike lot.  The principal was not a fan.
  6. I absolutely LOVE all things Harry Potter (hence the title of my blog).  For my fellow HP fans, I realize Alohomora is the correct spelling for the spell to open.  However, Alohamora has a nice Hawaiian relaxed feel to it don't you think?  Or maybe I am just a bad speller. ;) 
  7. I got my MLS (nerdy librarian degree) from UNC Chapel Hill, and am therefore a HUGE Carolina Tar Heel fan. Go Heels!  
  8. I love baking.  I love trying other recipes to find the best ones, and I love making up my own.  The kitchen and my pantry of baking goodness (seriously the number of chocolate chips I have are ridiculous, but you have to buy them on sale) are my friends.  
  9. My neighbor's daughter calls me, "The Cookie Lady" b/c cookies are my favorite thing to bake and therefore my favorite thing to give away.  However, chocolate peanut butter anything, cakes, brownies, bars, bread, and so much more are just as fun to share.  
  10. I love to workout at home, play sports (I played Team Handball in college and own a ridiculous amount of Intramural Champion t-shirts), and be active to counteract all of the sweets and yummy treats I love to bake and of course eat.
  11. I wouldn't consider myself crafty (unless you are speaking of the prank sneaky kind), but I do like cute things for my house and for my kids.   I usually find that making such "things" is actually not too hard, saves money, and looks better b/c it has the "homemade" look.  
  12. I have two of the cutest kids (364 days apart so they are officially Irish Twins) and the most amazing husband ever.
  13. I love talking to people.  Feel free to email me at meganruth(at)gmail(dot)com

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  1. Dear Alohamora, I tried your Instant Pot Paleo Lemon Custard and it was delicious, but I had a huge problem. The custard boiled up out to the containers and half of it went into the Stainless Steel Pot so that very little was left. Should I have used low pressure, or no pressure or put in mason jars and screwed on the lids. I really wasted most of this recipe which was expensive and disappointing. Please tell me what to do. Thank you.