Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Trouble is a Friend of Mine gets 5 Stars

Trouble is a Friend of Mine gets 5 stars in my book review.  This fantastic YA/Young Adult/Teen mystery read is enjoyable, entertaining, fun, and a quick page turner of a book.  This is a well written book, and I know I'll be reading another book by this new author. Alohamora Open a Book clean read, high school, book for boys and girls, mystery, fun, fast read, relatable, interesting and original storyline.

Trouble is a Friend of Mine by Stephanie Tromly gets 5 stars in my book review, and I'm so glad I started off 2016 reading such a fun, interesting, and original Young Adult (YA) book.  
I suggest you request this book pronto, and if you are a high school librarian you should definitely have this book in your collection.  

Trouble is a Friend of Mine is a great story with a great pace.  You will happily be turning page after page, and you will struggle to read only one chapter before bed. This novel is a clean read; there is no sex or language that I can recall.  Drugs are part of the storyline, but it isn't about drug use.

I definitely enjoyed Stephanie Tromly's first novel, and I will definitely read another one.  Actually, I'm looking forward to reading another one by her.

Trouble is a Friend of Mine is a fun read.  Have you read it?  

Amazon had the following book review; I give this to you so you have a better idea of the storyline. 

"Gr 9 Up—A fast-paced story about two misfit teens working on a cold case. The same town that makes Zoe Webster wonder if she'll ever find a friend is the one that raised Philip Digby—and watched as his kid sister, Sally, disappeared years ago. Digby, as he's called, recruits newbie Princeton, his nickname for Zoe, as his accomplice, because he trusts no one else. Together they circumvent or simply break laws in the interest of finding out what happened. Breaking and entering, carrying concealed weapons, pretending to buy drugs—it's all part of uncovering the truth. There are some unfortunate stereotypes, such as "Girls in the Bronx smuggle razor blades into school in their cheeks." There are also redeeming characterizations, such as a single mother who evolves from a stereotype into a a multifaceted person; and a romance that's complicated by a handsome guy named Henry, Digby's once upon a time best friend. Readers will find a sharply drawn character in the irrepressible Zoe, who's as dubious about Digby's methods as she is curious about whether or not she can live up to his daredevilry. Many—too many—irresponsible adults try to derail Princeton and Digby from their mission: a perverted gynecologist, a cheating dad, a cult posing as next-door neighbors, to name only a few. VERDICT With elements of mystery, romance, and problem novels, Tromly's debut aims to please a wide variety of readers, but its success is due largely to the authentic portrayal of its two teenage protagonists."   

Have I enticed you enough to pick this book up?  

Happy Fantastic Teen/YA Mystery Book reading

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