Friday, April 3, 2015

My Favorite Easter Picture Books

The 4 Very Best, Witty, and Fun Easter Books for all ages (babies, toddlers, elementary school kids, adults, and more).  I've taught library lessons with most of these books as well.  Great read alouds and fun books all around for Easter especially, tho they can be enjoyed year round. Alohamora Open a Book

It may not surprise you, but I LOVE books.  I currently have 4 Favorite Easter Picture Books.  These 4 books automatically make the list for being the very best.  Which narrowing something down to less than one hand is actually quite impressive and challenging for me.  

These Easter books are all fabulous, witty, unique, lovely, and a great read for many ages.  

If you haven't checked these 4 books out you should very soon.  

My Very Favorite Easter Books

A fun picture book for all ages; adults and kids (even toddlers) will love this book.  It is actually my all time favorite Easter book.  Go get it!

This may be my 2nd all time favorite Easter book.  This not so much Easter but it involves eggs so it fits book is a witty and fun read for kids and it is especially fun to read aloud when you read it with accents.  Adults and kids alike will enjoy this read.

This book has lovely pictures with a simple story toddlers to 3rd graders will enjoy.  It perfectly explains who the Easter Bunny is and how he got started. 

I love Carter's various pop-up books, and this one is just fun.  Babies LOVE these books, and toddlers enjoy them almost as much. 

However, if you looking for more than 4 amazing Easter books check out this book list of The 13 Best Easter Books

Happy fabulously fun and unique Easter Picture Book reading! 

Happy Easter! 

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