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The Best Easter Picture Books

The Top 10+ Easter Picture Books Alohamora Open a Book

I have worked as a school and public children's librarian.  We always try and put out books for the various holidays.  We always had WAY too many Christmas/Hanukkah books; there are fewer Kwanzaa books.  Halloween and Thanksgiving you can still find a decent number.  

However, Easter is most definitely a lacking holiday.  There really aren't a ton of Easter books that are amazing.  

Though, I did find 13 really fabulous Easter like books to share with you today.  These books range from toddler to upper elementary or even teen/adults will enjoy these fun reads.  I do say that they are Easter like.  Not all of them as Easter specifically, but those that aren't mentions chickens or eggs.  

To be honest, I think this assortment of classic to modern Easter books in this list is fabulous, and I enjoy each and everyone of these books at the ripe old age of 33.  I believe no matter your age you will enjoy these books as well.    

I have included lesson ideas with a couple of these books for those teachers looking for lesson plan ideas. 

Oh, and one last tidbit, these books are secular in nature.  I honestly haven't come across a religious Easter book that is amazing enough to make the Top 10+.  

Without further ado...
The Top 10+
Easter Picture Books

The Story of the Easter Bunny by Katherine Tegen 
Beautiful pictures with a simple story best for toddlers to 2nd graders. 

Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco 
Is a beautiful story, though it is a bit longer.  Polacco's books are usually best for 3rd grade and up including teenagers and adults.  This story is an absolutely fabulous one. 

A classic picture book with classic and beautiful pictures.  

The Easter Egg by Jan Brett 
Beautiful pictures, and a bit more wordy.  Best for 2nd grade and up. 

Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco 
Another Polacco book with a touching story that older elementary to adults will appreciate and enjoy. 

Fun for the young and the older.  Toddlers and up will enjoy this story. 
 Lesson idea: You could easily have students use this book as a platform to write their own versions of this story. 
The Night Before Easter by Natasha Wing 
Not the most original writing, but 1st-2nd grade will like the similarity with the poem.

The Perfect Nest by Catherine Friend 
Fun story with fun pictures that the young toddlers to the adults will enjoy.  Witty and catching, but simple enough for kids.  

Mrs. Hen’s Big Surprise by Christel Desmoinaux
This book is best for toddlers to 1st graders. 

First the Egg by Laura Vaccaro Seeger 
This book seems simple, but there is some definite depth. 
Lesson Idea: Kids could write their own versions like first the thread then the shirt.  Or first the flour then the cookie.

The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett 
A fun book by a great author.  For younger toddlers to Kindergarten. 

Very simple book with fun pictures that toddlers up will enjoy. 

Easter Bugs by David Carter 
A pop-up book that is fun for all, but best for toddlers

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