Tuesday, February 27, 2018

5 Best Books for Babies {book list, picture}

The 5 Best Books for Babies and Newborns.  This booklist is full of my favorite and well loved books for babies and newborns.  These books have great rhythm, simple concepts, textures, shapes, and high contrast colors to benefit babies. Great books, raising a Reader Alohamora Open a Book, alohamoraopenabook, www.alohamoraopenabook.blogspot.com

I was a high school librarian here in Arizona for a year before I had my first child.  In that year I got to work with amazing teachers, supervise hard working library assistants, be guided by a fantastic principal, help coach a high school varsity team, and teach and interact with some of the very best students.  

There was one young lady who was a senior, that was incredibly driven and knew exactly what she wanted in life.  It was inspiring and impressive.  Well that beautiful lady has an adorable newborn son, and she reached out to me on Instagram  about the best books for babies.  

I decided an official book list is needed so I could share my favorite, and therefore the best ;) books for babies.  These 5 books all have reasons why I consider them to be amazing books for babies; therefore, pick them up for your own little ones, or give them as a gift.

However, I will say... Read, read, and read some more to your babies.  Consistently reading to them is the best way to Raise a Reader. 

The 5 Best Books to Read to Your Babies

This book has great rhythm; rhythm makes the book exciting and fun.  Reading is fun, and Boynton helps makes things fun and silly.  The topic, pajama time, makes for a great book to read before bed. 

Feely Bugs is a simple fun read with lots of different textures.  Letting your baby, and helping them, feel the different textures is what makes this book so perfect for babies. 

This Foam Book is interactive as well as a easily and harmless "chewed" on or gnawing book.  It has been a favorite baby book to teach the concept of counting and improving fine motor skills for all of my babies.  I love that my babies could turn the pages, take the elephant, lions, monkeys, and other animals in and out of their puzzle like compartments.  All of the animals pieces together add up to 10 which was fun to count after pulling them all out.  I love this book, and often brought it to church or a place that my babies needed to be quiet. 

This book is fantastic.  Simple, but stunning, graphics help this concept (concept of colors) to be taught and enjoyed.  The colors are bright and high contrasting.  I LOVE this book and bought it after all my babies were grown.  Deneux has other concept books in the Touch Think Learn series, but this one is my favorite.  

This was my favorite board book to read to my babies.  I love the high contrasting pictures, especially the black sheep, which are especially perfect for newborns and the colors they can see.  High contrasting colors in this simple book with repetitious lines are just what babies need to hear and see.  

These 5 books are my favorite for newborns and babies.  They have been well loved and read at my house, and they are my favorite books to give at baby showers.  

I also want to say as your baby gets bigger and squirms around be sure to keep reading to them.  They still benefit from you reading even if they are jumping around.  Just keep reading!  

Happy Reading and Raising Readers! 

Of course, if you have any other book list requests please let me know.  

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