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All Things... Love, Pink, Hugs and Kisses, Friendship, and Valentines Picture Books {Book List}

All Things February related aka all things love, pink, hugs, kisses, friendship, chocolate, and Valentine's related. This book list of picture books is full of great read alouds for parents, teachers, and/or librarians. Alohamora Open a Book great reads, great books, funny, books, character lessons, lesson ideas, reading strategies, 6 Writing Traits= Word Choice

I've always thought February was such a fun month. Everything is chocolate covered or just chocolate and it is everywhere. Love is shown, and you usually get a day off from work/school.  It's a pretty fantastic month. 

Last year I gave ya'll 20 of the Best Valentine books out there.  It's a great list with great books, but to be honest this time of year isn't just about Valentine's Day.

When I think of February and books to pull from the shelves to enjoy with my kids, or read in the library and classroom, I think of Love, Hearts, Hugs and Kisses, Pink, Friendship, and giving Valentines.   

 It's a fun time of year, and the book list I'm giving you today are full of books not solely Valentine books.  Today you get all things February Related.

All Things... 
Love, Pink, Hugs and Kisses, Friendship, and Valentine's Picture Books

This fun and absolutely adorable book is all about love and a little mouse wanting a kiss from a tall giraffe.  This book is great for repetition which is a great reading comprehension strategy for toddlers, preschoolers, and beginning readers.  It's a fun read aloud too!  

This fun glittery book about kisses and friendship is so sweet with simple words that provide a great opportunity to have a context clues/vocabulary lesson for preschool through 1st grade.  

This book is a great read aloud for anytime of year, but it is especially perfect in February.  This fun book is all about Valentines and telling people you care and love them.  As a bonus there are other fun Ruby Valentine books to read once you fall in love with this first one. 

This book, which is perfect for a fun lesson on vocabulary and word choice (6 Traits of Writing), is a fun read aloud that girls especially will love.  This read aloud is all about fancy and pink, but most importantly loving your family. 
As a bonus, there are several other Fancy Nancy books including both picture books and early readers/beginning chapter books.   

This "pink" book is a great story that girls love and gravitate too.  Boys won't pick this book out, but they'll enjoy the read as well.  It makes a great read aloud for parents, teachers, and librarians.  
There are also other "color" books by Kann.  

This fun read aloud is all about love.  Both boys and girls alike will enjoy this book, and it makes a great read aloud parents and kids alike will enjoy.  
For Love Monster fans, a new Love Monster and the Last Chocolate just came out, and it's as enjoyable as the first book but includes chocolate.  Yum!

Pink and being happy with you is what this fun book is all about.  We all, boys and girls alike, love this book; my kids request it often.  The character and self-esteem lessons easily applicable from this book are great for elementary school aged kids. 

I LOVE this book, and I love that it is all about hugs!  It's a fun read aloud for the young and the old, for the toddler to the elementary school aged child.  I have even read this aloud to adults.  The pictures are fantastic, and the the story is even better.  This is a book to have in your own collection. 

These 8 books aren't blatant Valentine's books; however, they are fabulous for any time year.  We love every single one of these books and even have them in our own collection.  They are that good!

Happy Valentine's Day!  Though, most importantly...

Happy All things love, pink, hugs, kisses, friendship, and Valentine's Picture Book reading!

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