Friday, June 19, 2015

The 5 Best DAD Books aka Books About Dad

The Best Books About DAD.  5 fabulous picture books that are funny, humorous, and showcase how fun, wonderful, and amazing Dads really are.  These children books, for toddlers to elementary school kids, make great read alouds.  They are the perfect this Father's Day or any day, and make for great gifts.  Alohamora Open a Book books, parents, teachers, read aloud, funny, rhyming, beginning readers, Caldecott, trucks, informative.

Thinking of Father's Day gifts can be hard sometimes.  Though, sometimes thinking of gifts in general can be hard.  This year, we opted for the affordable but still loving presents.  

I gave a gift of service by painting the garage so my husband wouldn't have to do it.  My kids painted the awesome picture I shared with y'all yesterday, and we all made cards by hand.  There will also be breakfast in bed and a dinner of Lettuce Wraps (my husbands absolute favorite thing ever). 

Reading a new book, or new to us books, aka books checked-out from the library, with Dad is happening as well this weekend.  I'm positive my kids and my husband are both excited about that.   

Now, my kiddos can't have the only Dad out there that loves to read to them.  I'm pretty sure every Dad is a fan of his kids sitting together, mostly calm, to read a story.  Especially after a long day.   

Since there are lots of Dads out there that like to read with his kids, I'm giving you a booklist of the 5 Best DAD Books out there.

These books are all picture books that the very young to the upper elementary will/can enjoy.  They are funny and humorous and portray Dad's for all of their awesomeness. 

Happy Father's Day!  

The 5 Best Books About DAD

Even Dad’s go to the laundromat, and this Caldecott book proves that.  I love the mix of photos and drawn pictures in this cute story for all ages.  I’m a big fan of Willems; he is a great author and illustrator.

Simple informative text with Carle’s colorful almost magical pictures makes for a great story about the Dad Seahorse taking care of the babies.

A fun story, and Caldecott Honor book (so the pictures are awesome) about a little chicken that likes to interrupt his Papa reading him a bedtime story.  Kids of all ages will enjoy this humorous read and Dads will enjoy it as well.

This classic rhyming picture book is perfect for the young to read along with their own “Pop.”

This is a fun picture book for the boys that love construction vehicles to give to their Dads who love to read to them and teach them things.   

Dad's are great, and they should be celebrated in books and in many other ways.  

Happy Dad Book reading!


What are you doing for Father's Day?

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  1. Right! Selecting the best father's day gifts is truly a hard job. After visiting your blog, it has become an easy job for me. Thanks a lot.