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Summer Reading Book Lists for Kids Who Don't Like to Read in 10th and 11th Grade

Summer Reading Book List for Reluctant Readers in 10th and 11th Grade.  This book list is for all of the kids that don't like to read.  This book list has 12 great books from a variety of genres that everyone can find one to enjoy.  Many of them are a series.  Alohamora Open a Book Romance, Dystopian, Action, Adventure, Graphic Novels, Historical, Fairytales, Realistic Fiction, Divergent, Hunger Games, Nicholas Sparks, Crank in Free Verse Poetry, Non-Fiction (Ripley's and Guinness) Boys, Girls, Teens, High School YA Young Adult

The past few weeks I've been talking about reluctant readers aka kids that don't like to read.  

If you have a reluctant reader check out these 7 Ways to Turn a BOOK HATER into a BOOK READER! It's full of awesome and easy ways to help your 'I Don't Like to Read" kid, student, or friend.  

With those steps and the...

Book List for Reluctant Readers in Kindergarten and First Grade
Book List for Reluctant Readers in Second and Third Grade
Book List for Reluctant Readers in Fourth and Fifth Grade

Book List for Reluctant Readers in Sixth and Seventh Grade

Book List for Reluctant Readers in Eighth and Ninth Grade

and the book lists I'm giving you today and next Friday will help you find the perfect and best book, the right book, for any reluctant reader you may know.

There are a lot of kids who don't like to read.  I was one of them.  All of those reluctant readers are missing out on a ton of awesome and entertaining books, but more importantly those individuals are missing out on the benefits readers experience.   


  • Are Less Stressed
  • Have a Larger Vocabulary
  • Have Stronger Thinking Skills
  • Have Better Focus and Concentration
  • Have Better Speaking Skills
  • Appreciate Other Places and Cultures
  • Keep Brain Stimulated
  • Have Better Memory 
  • Improves Creativity
  • Are Better Writers

There are many reasons to be or become a reader, and I know every one, no matter the age, can become one.  

For a couple more weeks I will be sharing with you book lists for reluctant readers aka people that don't like to read.  I have broken the lists down by age.  Today, you get...

Books for Reluctant Readers in

Tenth and Eleventh Grade



This is a series with content that will grab readers, get them thinking, and keep them entertained. 
For my review of the book click here. 

We all remember this  book and how popular it is in any school library.  Check-out or buy (only $6.50 in paperback) any year of this book.  It'll grab your attention, and the content is broken into shorter segments with a lot of pictures which is perfect for reluctant readers.


This book has the fun of a romance story that Sparks is known for, but there is more depth and twist to this novel that isn’t found in some of his other books.  There is also a movie based on this book, like many of his books.  If a reluctant reader likes an author let he/she read everything by that author.
For my review click here.  

This is a well written book that is first in a series of modern day fairy tales with a twist.  Reluctant readers will love the connection with fairy tales they grew up knowing, and they’ll love the romance and action found throughout this book and series.
For my review click here.  

This action pack dystopian series has popular movies based on them; book based movies will always attract reluctant readers.  This book is full of action and some violence/gore, but it is a captivating read.  
For my review click here

Hopkins has written several books in several different series, but they are all with the same free verse poetry.  This series, and Crank is the first, is a favorite.  The content of these books include drugs, violence, and sex, but it is a series that attracts reluctant readers b/c of how fast the reads are and how the story grabs the reader from the beginning.



This classic is my favorite Tolkien book. The story is great, and there is even a recent movie series based on this book.
For my review click here.

Select any year or any edition.  This book has a lot of pictures, and it is full of true facts which boys love and find interesting.  Reluctant readers will read this book; it doesn’t have to be a chapter book to be reading.  it's all about getting the reader started. 


This is a large series that has captivated some very reluctant readers already.  If you like the TV show you will enjoy this series; though, most high school girls looking for a fun and easy read will enjoy this novel/series.

This fabulous book and series is a clean quick read full of high school, fun, love, and a girl playing football. It’s fantastic!

The first book is my favorite in the series, but this dystopian trilogy is still pretty great.  Well written full of action and some love, and there is even a movie (and movies to be) based on this series.

For my review click here

March by John Lewis 
 Graphic novels in general are perfect for reluctant readers so you could pick any graphic novel (history, superheroes, classics like Pride and Prejudice, funny, etc.).  March is a great historical graphic novel that is a series both boys and girls who like history will enjoy.  
For my review click here

There you go, awesome books for even the most reluctant reader in 10th and 11th grade or older. 

Happy Summer Reading for everyone!

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