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15 Books Hard NOT to Love

15 books that are so good you can't help but love them! Alohamora Open a Book

I love books.  I love the smell of bookstores and libraries.  I love seeing books, and I love reading books.

However, that wasn't always the case.  I had a learning disability that went undiagnosed until middle school.  Reading was hard, so I didn't like it.  I actually didn't like to read until my senior year in college when I took a Children's Literature class.  

Now, I'm a librarian.  I love to read, and I truly believe everyone can love to read.  You just have to find the right book to light the fire.  

Today, I want to give you 15 Books that are Hard NOT TO Love.  I have a mixture of Juvenile, Young Adult (YA) and Adult books here.  All of these books are fiction, and I know a lot of boys and men prefer non-fiction.  However, there are a few really good books that boys and even the most reluctant readers will enjoy.  

I know from my teaching years as well as librarian years that if I read a book to my class I would have students, that never thought they would like it, loving the book.  For example Stargirl sounds very girly, but all of my 5th grade boys and girls loved this book.    

These books are all great reads, and books I have no problem reading over and over again.  Even though I am an adult I have no problem reading juvenile books.  It's okay to read books below or above your reading level.  You are reading, that's what counts!

If you've read these books before, they're fabulous, right?  If you haven't read them I'm sure you will find them hard not to love.  

If you have a son or daughter that doesn't love to read give them one of these books, or better yet read the book with or to them.  

Books are great!  These books are fabulous and deserve a check-out or even a purchase.

Listed in no particular order... 
15 Books Hard Not To Love
An obvious choice (I mean look at the title of the blog:) Both boys and girls love this book!
A fun quick read that both boys and girls love. 

This one is for girls, but it's a fun clean read about a farm girl joining her HS football team.  

Another girl book, but this fantasy book (and series) is fabulous, clean, and perfect for all ages.  

Humorous poetry that boys, girls, adults, and children love and get into.  Perfect starter for even the most reluctant readers. 

A fantasy book for boys and girls with adventure, and a great storyline. 
The title makes you think it is just for girls, but this one the boys love to... tho you may have to read it with them. A great story about being an individual and being who you are is absolutely perfect.  

Skinny book (which reluctant readers will love) that is funny and full of crazy adventures.  This is a great read aloud book for a classroom or just to your child.  

This girl power book is great!  You'll never remember the full title, but this YA book is clean and quite the page-turner. 

About a boy and his dogs.  This book will pull at your heart strings, and have you loving every page. 

An adult literature book, that's clean but only high school students and above will understand it.  This book is so well written, entertaining, and an all around fabulous book worth a re-read. 

These two books are hilarious and perfect for boys and girls as well the old and young.  Even the most reluctant reader will be a big fan of this humorous (and skinny in page numbers) book.
I know the old language is challenging or frustrating for some, but this story is fabulous (for women and girl teenagers).  There's a reason there have been so many movie versions... but the book is still the best! 

With princesses in the title boys aren't going to gravitate to this book, but it's a great read.  From the same author of Ella Enchanted  this book has action, adventure, and a little bit of love that I think is even better.  

This humorous, clean, and well written story is a great read for boys and girls 3rd/4th grade and up.  It's a great read aloud and just an all around lovely book.  

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  1. cool. I have read about half of these I will pay the other half on my lists to read with and without my kids