Thursday, January 16, 2014

Real Mail aka Best Mail

I love getting real mail.  Mail in your mailbox that isn't a bill or junk but from a friend is pretty much the best thing ever.  Just before Christmas, but after I had already bought stamps for my Christmas cards of course, I found out the post office was selling the best stamps ever!
Harry Potter Forever Stamps and the best mail to send them with- Alohamora
As soon as I found out about such awesome stamps I of course went and bought 4 books of them.  They are Forever stamps; I really should've bought more.

Now that I have awesome stamps, I don't want to waste them on HOA bills.  Instead, I decided I'd write and send cute cards to friends b/c everyone loves getting real mail. 

The best mail, a list of favorite books- Alohamora

Just after I got these stamps I got some of the best mail.  The only thing that would've made this better is if a Harry Potter stamp had been used.  

A friend, and a current high school English teacher, sent me a cute pamphlet of her favorite books of 2013 and why there were her favorite.  A very high school English teacher thing to do, and I absolutely love it.      
The best mail, a list of favorite books- Alohamora
I'm not going to lie; this was by far my favorite piece of mail.  I pretty much think real mail is the best, and real mail as personal as someone's favorite books and why they are is right up there with drawn pictures from my nephews/nieces.

Now that I have this awesome list from a friend I have even more books to add to my ever growing and ridiculously long, but I wouldn't have it any other way, To Read list.

My fabulous English teacher friend's...

Favorite Reads in 2013 are: 
Favorite Book this Year: 

Pretty Darn Good for making the awesome real mail flyer: 

I can say this book is fabulous and so well written

Have you read any of these?  Do you think they are worthy of Favorite Books list?  

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