Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Best Book Fair Ever

Where to find great books for cheap: Scholastic Warehouse Sales Alohamora, who loves Book Fairs?

Since I hated reading as a kid I enjoyed the pencils and toys at my school book fairs but I never bought a book.  Sadness huh?  My husband recalls getting books and a poster; he loved the posters.

When I was a librarian I loved having a book fair.  I loved having them the first week in December so the kids would want to get books for Christmas.  Books for Christmas are my favorite!

Book fairs as a librarian are great b/c you get to build your library's collection (aka books for a good price) and b/c kids get super excited about getting books,,, and toys, pencils, and posters but books most importantly.  I love book fairs.  I have always loved them, but my love has changed.  Maybe I can say it has matured.

Now that I am a full time Mom I don't get to have a book fair in my library in our guest bedroom.  I miss out on the fun of book fairs.  However, I was recently reacquainted with book fairs through the Scholastic Warehouse Saleand my kids got to experience their very first book fair.  I loved this book fair (I can call it that b/c it looked just like a book fair), and I can't wait to go back.  I've known about these sales for years, but for some sad reason this one was my first.  However, this Warehouse Sale is the beginning of something wonderful.

Most major cities have these warehouse sales so just click on the link above to see when yours are.  From what I know most of them are during the winter time (November to February) but there may be more at other times, I just don't know.  However, it is worth the time to check and find out when your local Scholastic Warehouse Sale is.  The number of books you can get for ridiculously cheap is awesome and Amazon or thrift stores just can't compare.

Where to find great books for cheap: Scholastic Warehouse Sales Alohamora

I was able to get all ten of these great books, many of them award winning and 6 of them hard bound, for $60.  Fabulous and amazing right?!  For one that knows the cost of books, the Scholastic Warehouse Sales are absolutely fabulous and worth the time to find out when your local sale is.  

The only problem I had with the warehouse sale was limiting the number of books I wanted to buy.  I mean, we all have budgets to live by, right?!  Though it may be ridiculous it is necessary that baking and books are separate categories on our budget. :)    

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