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8 Great Rhyming Books for Phonemic Awareness (Toddlers- 2nd Grade) {Book List}

8 Great Rhyming Books for Phonemic Awareness.  These 8 books are fun read alouds to a large group or just your child from Toddlers to 2nd grade.  Books for boys and girls.  Teachers, librarians, mom, parents. Alohamora Open a Book

Phonemic Awareness is being aware of the sounds words make.  Rhyming words are great for developing early literacy skills and the skills before a child reads as well as when they are learning to read.  

These 8 books are great read alouds for a classroom or with your own kids.  These 8 books are fun to read b/c of their pace and rhyming words throughout each of the books.  These 8 books will help improve your child's phonemic awareness (especially if you are emphasizing the rhymes). Plus, these books can be used in a lesson on rhyming words, or any topic really.  The rhyming will just be extra bonuses.   

8 Great Rhyming Picture Books 

All of Karma Wilson's books do a great job rhyming, but this one is a favorite b/c it is good for teaching higher thinking/reading skills like predicting. 

This simple story shows the life in a barn with all of the animals introduced with fun rhymes.  

This is a fun book with even more fun illustrations about a giraffe that just wants to do what she loves and inspiring readers to reach their dreams.

This fun book is sure to get readers participating as they try and "guess" what the next body part the child paints from the clues and the rhyming words.  

This book not only teaches a great lesson about helping others, but the onomatopoeias make it a fun read aloud as well.  It's a catchy and fun loving book for boys and girls alike.  You'll find yourself repeating lines from this book every time you see a blue truck. ;)   

Boynton is known for having fun rhyming books for young kids.  Her books are fun to read aloud b/c they are easy to get the kids interacting with the book making movements or animal noises. 

Rhyming words take the readers of this fun book for quite the ride, even if "My truck is stuck. Rotten luck." 

This book is one of our favorites.  We love the fun story, onomatopoeias, and the pace from the rhyming words.  This book makes a great read aloud for large or small groups. 

If you are looking for a good read aloud, or you have a non-reader or beginning reader at home pick one of these, or all of them, to read.  Everyone will enjoy these 8 great books.

Happy Fun Rhyming Book Reading! 

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