Saturday, September 12, 2015

Books for Kindergartners Learning to Read Using Sight Words/High Frequency Words

Best books for Kindergarten Sight Words/High Frequency Words.  This book lists has the best books that you can find at the library or book store to help your kindergartner learn to read. Alohamora Open a Book early reader beginning reader

My eldest is in preschool this year.  However, before the school year even started I began to think that in a year she would be in kindergarten, and that kind of freaked me out.  I started worrying about the other kids that would be in the classroom, how they would treat her, what they would say, and a myriad of other things.  Basically, I began stressing and worrying even though Kindergarten is a year away.  I'm ridiculous!   Though seriously, I'm worried.  Ahhhh! 

I may be ridiculous when it comes my kids and school, but at least I have normal friends.  I have loads of friends with kids in school already, and all of my friends know about my book addiction.  Many of my friends use my addiction, aka education and passion, to their advantage and ask me all sorts of questions.  I love it!  I get asked often for a good book for a child for a project, or books their kids might like and read, or most recently a book list using kindergarten sight words.

Speaking of Sight Words this webpage is great; it has Sight Words broken down by age/level.  Check it out if you are wanting to do a little homeschool action. 

I realize that I may take for granted knowing what books are great for my kids at their current age and level.  I guess it goes with the teacher and librarian in me; it's easy for me to know what is a good book for them.  However,  we all have different strengths and education interests..

Since not everyone constantly thinks about books or baking like I do I figured I'd give you my 10 Best Books for Kindergartners Learning to Read aka the 10 Books with Sight Words/High Frequency Words so you would have a reasonable, useful, and handy list to help your child.  My favorite part of this book list is almost all of these books should be found at your local library.

Happy and fun reading for you and your kid!

  Books for Kindergartners Learning to Read:
Books Full of Sight Words/High Frequency Words

This concept book of colors and animals has great repetition which is perfect for early readers.  This book is great for babies, toddlers, and kindergartners.

Rhyming words and repetition is what beginning readers need, and this book has it all!

There are a lot of sight words in this classic Seuss book.

Another classic Seuss book with a high number of sight words.

Fun one with a lot of sight words that kids of all ages love.

This classic is perfect for babies and up.  There is repetition in text, simple pictures, and a fun story all kids will enjoy over and over again.

Beginning readers, teachers, and parents love Dr. Seuss books b/c of the simple fun stories using tons of sight words.

There may only be 5 words in this book.  Your kindergartner/preschooler will be reading it by himself/herself in no time which will definitely be boosting their self confidence.  Hug and Tall are other good options by the same author with the same simple sight words.

This series for beginning  readers has many sight words, and it’s a series of books your kids will love.  Mo Willems is a fantastic author, and now your kid can enjoy reading his books even earlier. 

This book may be a little harder to find, but it has a TON of kindergarten sight words.

Learning to read is one of the greatest things for anyone.  These 10 books will help your kindergartner learn his or her sight words, and you both will love to read these fun books together. 

Happy handy Book List for Learning to Read Using Sight Words and High Frequency Words using/referencing!  


  1. Both my kids learned to read with Dr. Seuss books! Green Eggs and Ham is the ultimate high frequency word book---only 50 different words are used in the whole book!
    I can't find a way to comment using my site name so this is coming from my 8-yr-old's blog! :) I'm Carissa from via AZ Blogger Meetup FB group.

    1. Thanks for coming by! The Dr. Seuss books are pretty fantastic; glad to hear they worked so well for your kiddos!