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Summer Reading Book Lists for Kids Who Don't Like to Read in 12th Grade and Adults

Summer Reading Books for Reluctant Readers in Twelfth Grade and Adults (College, Up, etc.) basically everyone.  These books are perfect choices that are highly engaging for kids who don't like to read aka reluctant readers. Alohamora Open a Book emotional, abuse, adult literature, non-fiction, biographies, sports, dystopian, romance, ya lit, teens

The past several weeks I've been talking about reluctant readers aka kids that don't like to read.  

I'm very passionate about the fact that anyone can become a reader.  This may be my last Summer Book List for Reluctant Readers, but if you ever any questions about a particular tough reader just holler.  I'd love to help!   

If you have a reluctant reader check out these 7 Ways to Turn a BOOK HATER into a BOOK READER! It's full of awesome and easy ways to help your "I Don't Like to Read" kid, student, or friend.  

With those steps and the...

Book List for Reluctant Readers in Kindergarten and 1st Grade
Book List for Reluctant Readers in 2nd and 3rd Grade
Book List for Reluctant Readers in 4th and 5th Grade

Book List for Reluctant Readers in 6th and 7th Grade

Book List for Reluctant Readers in 8th and 9th Grade

Book List for Reluctant Readers in 10th and 11th Grade

and the book list I'm giving you today will help you find the perfect and best book, the right book, for any reluctant reader you may know.

There are a lot of kids who don't like to read.  I was one of them.  All of those reluctant readers are missing out on a ton of awesome and entertaining books, but more importantly those individuals are missing out on the benefits readers experience.   


  • Are Less Stressed
  • Have a Larger Vocabulary
  • Have Stronger Thinking Skills
  • Have Better Focus and Concentration
  • Have Better Speaking Skills
  • Appreciate Other Places and Cultures
  • Keep Brain Stimulated
  • Have Better Memory 
  • Improves Creativity
  • Are Better Writers

There are many reasons to be or become a reader, and I know every one, no matter the age, can become one.  

Today, you get a book list for 12th graders and up.  However, these older and oh so wise and mature readers are welcomed to check out all of the book lists I published previously for reluctant readers. There are all listed above in case you forgot. There are fabulous books on every list that any age can enjoy. 

Books for Reluctant Readers in

Twelfth Grade and Up- College, Adult, etc.

12th Grade


This is a great read and only 250 pages.  It's set in a high school and deals with the dilemmas of being a “man."

This is quick fast read perfect for sports fans especially football fans.  This highly engaging book portrays some of the dark aspects of high school football like steroids aka gym candy to help get the edge thought to be needed.


You could read most any Dessen book, I've liked almost all of them.  These realistic fictions grab the reader and approach deeper subjects as well. It would be perfect for high school English papers or book/novel analysis assignments. 
For my thoughts/review click here

This novel discusses some tough subjects like abuse and self-harm, and it is well written.  Books can provide a sense of therapy for some; these subjects do exist and need to be written on.  All can learn from this tough but good book.  It's a bit like Speak by Anderson.

Fabulous book.  
For my thoughts/review click here

The first in a series of short but good reads.  This book, which recently had a movie based on it with the same title, was the first dystopian book.   These books are great audiobooks as well.  Audiobooks can benefit a reluctant reader, and provide great entertainment for a summer drive.   



This well written fabulous story, had a movie based on it.  Read this true story first, and then watch the movie. 

This non-fiction military history book about a sniper is intense and you will either love or hate it.  There was a movie recently released about it full of action and adventure.  The book is always better though.   

A very popular, and excellent book with a movie based on it.  
For my thoughts/review click here

There is a movie based on this heart wrenching and emotional read; the book is different from the movie tho.  You need to read the book first!

This fabulous book is a different WWII novel, and it has a great movie based on it.

This historical fiction book is set during the Revolutionary War, and it is fabulous.  This story provides insight and perspective you haven't read before, and it is so well written. 

Tho adults and 12th graders can feel free to grab a book from any of the reluctant readers book lists listed at the top of this post.  Those lists are full of great books and they are sure to grab your attention.  If you pick one and the content is annoying to you it probably means it is “too low” and you should pick another.   

Happy Summer Reading even for Reluctant Readers aka Kids Who Don't Like to Read!

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