Thursday, November 1, 2012

I Need My Monster

If you were to read the title of this book, I Need My Monster by Amanda Noll you'd think it was a Halloween book.  Granted, it does have monsters in it, and that is why it is a great book for Halloween; however, it is a great book for anytime.  If I was on the ball and not as busy at home I would've posted about this book yesterday.  Such is my life.  It's a good thing this book is just as fun and good for the day after Halloween as it is for Halloween.  

I loved this picture book.  It is not only an original story line/idea, but it is well written and all around fun to read for any age.  Yesterday, I read it to both my 17 month old and 5 month old and they loved it.  I also had my husband read it, and he was a big fan of it as well.  It is most definitely a fun picture book for everyone!  Go ahead and give it a read.  

I think I would give this picture book 5 stars.  I give I Need My Monster 5 stars b/c it is a unique story line, a teacher or librarian could use it for some great lessons, it is entertaining, and kids of all ages will enjoy it.  Plus, the cherry on top is that this is Amanda Noll's first book; I love when a new author produces such great first book.  It makes me excited for what is to come for them.   

I Need My Monster is about a little boy who has a monster under his bead.  Now, can't all children relate to that?  This little boy is quite afraid of his monster, but he also needs his monster to fall asleep.  I love this twisted and different idea.  A teacher or librarian could use this for their Six Traits of Writing Idea section.  Noll took an idea that all children can relate to, a monster under their bed, but she flipped it around.  Instead of the monster keeping the child awake at night the scary monster is what soothes the child to sleep.  To teach this for writing a child/author could take any idea and reverse the effect for a new and original story.  

Now, just so you can have a bit more of the story line.  This little boy needs his monster, but his monster went fishing.  Now, the little boy comes across several other monsters to see if they can fit the bill for this boy.  You will not only enjoy the humor that comes across in the story, but the different and original kinds of monsters are quite fun.  Plus, the author is quite descriptive so it is a good book for Word Choice as well.  

All in all, I Need My Monster is a great picture book to read to any child, teen, or adult.  I think everyone could enjoy this one.           

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