Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Beauty of Darkness gets 3.5 Stars {ya lit, fantasy, series: remnant chronicles #3}

The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson is Book 3 in the Remnant Chronicles series. Fun fantasy series with a strong girl/fermale character. Book 3 in the series.  Family. Romance. Clean read. Action. Alohamora Open a Book alohamoraopenabook

With  Kiss of Deception and Heart of Betrayal read I, of course, had to finish off the Remnant Chronicles by reading The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson

This third book in the series gets 3.5 out of 5 stars.  It's a good story, though it does drag a bit more than the others.  The writing of the many action parts of the story felt choppy.  Overall, the writing was good, but it wasn't Pearson's best writing for the series.  Books one and two were far more engrossing with their writing even with the incredibly predictable and sort of annoying love triangle.  

In regards to characters, I felt Lia was a different person in this last book; she was too hardcore and cruel so the change/development wasn't for the better. I was frustrated that in 3 books Lia and Rafe still couldn't communicate and express their true feelings and thoughts.  I thought Kaden made a quick jump to team Lia and it would've been nice to see more struggle.  All in all, the characters were weaker and less developed in this last book.  
There are things I liked about the book.  I liked that it was a clean read.  I  liked that the main character is a strong girl.  I liked her brother's unwavering trust in Lia.  I liked the happy ending the minor characters received, but I was frustrated by the abruptness of the ending for Lia and Rafe.  

I really did like The Beauty of Darkness, but I don't think I would've been disappointed had I not read it.  I may have enjoyed the series more if hadn't b/c the ending left me with a bitter taste in my mouth for the series.  

Did you read the series?  What were your feelings of the last book? What would you rate the entire series?  I  think I'd give the series 4 stars, but that third book may have to lower that score. 

If you do pick up this book, and the Remnant of Chronicles series, Happy Fun Young Adult Fantasy reading!

The Beauty of Darkness by Mary E. Pearson
Rating: 3.5/5 stars
Best For: 14 and up, 8th grade and up.
Worth a Check Out: Yes.
Buy It or Not: No, unless you really need complete series in your life and you bought Kiss of Deception and Heart of Betrayal
Read Aloud: No.
Book Club Discussion Topics: Lia ran from her fate of an arranged marriage, but did she stay true to herself when it came to her fate with the Book of Venda? Did you like or dislike Kaden's ending?  Lia and Rafe, good or bad ending?  

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