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Star Cursed gets 4.5 Stars {Supernatural, Fantasy} {YA} {Cahill Witch Chronicles #2}

Star Cursed, the 2nd Cahill Witch Chronicles books.  I liked this better than the 1st, Born Wicked.  I felt the pace was consistently good, no major slow parts.  I felt the character development was great.  Great fantasy/supernatural teen, ya, young adult, high school book geared towards girls.  fast read, magic, witches, teenagers, Alohamora Open a Book

Star Cursed by Jessica Spotswood is the 2nd Book in the Cahill Witch Chronicles, and I liked it better than Born Wicked, the first one.  Just like I mentioned in Born Wicked's book review, if you are in 7th grade through high school and you like the Vampire Diaries or the House of Night series you should give this one a read; it's completely clean with a slight romance and a lot of action.   

However, read Born Wicked first; this is definitely a book series that needs to be read in order if you want to avoid frustration and confusion.      

I give Star Cursed 4.5 out of 5 Stars.  For not being a supernatural fan I'm sure enjoying this book series.  For the most part it was fast paced and kept my attention.  I felt the character development had more depth than the first book, and I loved seeing the complexity of Finn, Tess, Maura, as well as Cate.  I will say I was a little annoyed with Cate at times, but I felt her actions were true to her age and maturity level.  I enjoyed the strong female characters in Cate, Maura, and Tess; I especially love the storyline of Tess really coming into her own.  

Star Cursed lost 1/2 a star for one of the same reasons as Born Wicked.  Spotswood seems to really love the drastic cliffhanger at the end of the book; these cliffhangers remind me of James Dashner and the Maze Runner series.  I feel the drastic cliffhanger is a weaker writing style and down right mean to readers.  The end of Star Cursed had me upset; I honestly, out loud said, "Ahhhhh!  How could she do that?!"  She being Maura, but that is all I am going to tell you. 

I have already requested the 3rd book, Sister's Fate.  Are you reading this series?       

Amazon had the following book review from Booklist.  It should give you a better picture of the plot and storyline. 

"In the second title in the Witches of Cahill series, Cate, a protected novitiate at the Sisterhood’s convent, is being groomed to be Sister Cora’s successor. Yet she has never had a vision and, in spite of her mind-magic and healing powers, is unable to hold an illusion for more than a few minutes. She doubts her own designation within the prophecy as the most powerful witch in centuries, especially once her sisters Maura and Tess arrive at the convent. Maura grandly announces her intent to join forces with Sister Inez, who is determined to wage war on the evil Brotherhood; sweet Tess seems older, wiser, and more prescient than her 12 years. The Brotherhood’s blatant vendetta against all women regardless of age; their imprisonment and torture of those females who are merely suspected of being outside the norm; and Maura’s jealousy and frustration with her older sister—not to mention lovers Cate and Finn’s clandestine meetings—make for a riveting paranormal-historical fiction adventure whose outcome readers will absolutely refuse to accept without a sequel, a fait accompli the author has promised in a recent blog post." 

Happy Plot Driven Supernatural Book Series Reading!

Did you read this book?  What was your reaction to the end of the book? 

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