Thursday, September 24, 2015

Favorite Fall and Halloween Lessons Using Picture Books (Preschool-6th Grade)

As of yesterday it is officially Fall!  Yay! Have you made this Spiced Pumpkin Cake or Caramel Apple Chex Mix?  If not you need to; they are both absolutely delicious!

Today, I wanted to give you some of my favorite Fall and Halloween lessons that all use fantastic picture books aka quality literature to accompany them. Plus, there is the huge helpful and useful bonus that these lessons are already planned.

These lessons are perfect for Preschool, Kindergarten, or even 1st Grade, and the Summary lesson plan is great for 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th grade.  Basically, there's basically something for everyone. 

I will happily send you the Smart Notebook file if you so desire.  

Which of these free lessons will you be able to use?   

This is one of my favorite Fall literature books; the pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Get the free lesson here

This SmartNotebook file is fantastic.  I loved teaching this lesson, and the kids LOVED participating.  Get the free lesson here. 

Another one of my absolute favorite library lessons to teach, but it will work just as perfectly in the classroom. Get the free lesson here

This story may scare the younger grades, but it is perfectly frightening and fun for 3rd grade and up. Get the free lesson and story map here

I love, and miss, teaching in the library.  I especially loved using my SmartBoard; I used it for almost every single lesson.  You might as well benefit with these lessons; I promise you'll love them too. 

Happy Fall and Halloween teaching!  

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