Friday, February 27, 2015

The Best Preschool Holiday Read Alouds

The Best Preschool Holiday Read Alouds for every holiday.  Fun books, great books for teaching sequencing lessons and more.  All around books every classroom library should have.  Teachers and toddlers will love these.  Kindergartners and Kindergarten teachers will enjoy these as well. Alohamora Open a Book

I have a friend who requested I make a Preschool Holiday Read Aloud Book List for a friend of hers.  I love special requests! 

Today, all your preschool teachers or librarians that do read alouds to the young kids this holiday read aloud list is for you.  

After creating the list I have already decided a Preschool/Kindergarten book list for Read Alouds for the different seasons. 

I'd say every single one of these books would most definitely work for Kindergarten as well as a parent of toddlers looking for great books to read their child. 

Anymore special book list requests?  Send them my way!

The Best Preschool Holiday Read Alouds

Groundhog’s Day

This book is not an official Groundhog's Day book, but it is a fun groundhogs book.

A perfect book to read on the official Groundhog's Day, but it is also just a fun book in general. 

Valentine’s Day

Great book for teaching sequences as well as a cute concept. 

This is a simple and fun read aloud that is great at Valentine's Day as well as many other times. 

This book looks a bit girly, but it is all around a great V-day book for both boys and girls. 

St. Patrick’s Day

I love reading this book as a segue into a St. Patrick's Day hunt/lesson.  Such a fun book. Get the lesson here

Wing has a lot of "Night Before" books, but this one may be one of my favorite. 

A great St. Patrick's day book full of fun and leprechauns.


No necessarily Easter, but a fun carrot and bunny book. 

Again, not an official Easter book, but a great read aloud (especially when you read it with accents) about eggs. 

Most definitely an Easter book all centered around colorful eggs.  Such a fun book for many ages. 


Toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners, and older kids love this story.  It's a fun one to read aloud, and a great one for sequencing. 

Not an official Halloween book, but it is a fun monsters' book. 

A perfect Halloween book  with all of your typical Halloween characters (witch, vampire, mummy, bat).  Such a fun read aloud with great repetition. 

A great pumpkins/jack-o-lantern counting book which leaves plenty of room for audience participation.  

Again, not an official Halloween book, but it does involve pumpkins, and jack-o-lantern, and Halloween is definitely mentioned.  We read this book year round. 


This book is perfect for preschoolers with lovable characters, a farm, laughter, and pizza. We love this book!

I love this counting book it has great rhyming and all around fun to read.  Plus, one of my favorite words ever (Foof) is in this book.  This was the first book I ever saw with this word in print even though I had been saying it for 10+ years. 

A fun story about gratitude and not just turkeys; which really is important and the reason for this season.

There are so many Christmas books out there.  Check my Christmas Book List for more. 

This book is the perfect length and the perfect storyline for preschoolers.  All around perfect read aloud in my book.

This is one of my favorite Snowmen by Buehner books.  The rhythm, text, and storyline are all around fun and enchanting. 

I love the Haiku format; it keeps it simple for the young kids, but enjoyable the teachers reading. 

A simple and enjoyable book about lighting the menorah. 

Happy Preschool Holiday Read Aloud reading!  


  1. I love this list! I'm going to use it for my preschool. Thanks.

    1. Yay! Check back for more preschool centered lists!