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The Best Printz (YA Award Books) Books

The 8 Best Printz Award Books. The Printz award is the best books for Teens/YA's (Young Adults).  These books are fabulous, with realistic fiction, horror, dramas, border school, girl power, boy books, and more.  Great reads boys and girls will enjoy! Alohamora Open a Book

Last week I shared my favorite aka The Best Newbery Books.  Newbery is an award given every year (always near the end of January or early February) to the best children's/juvenile literature book.  It has been around for the last 93 years.  This year it will be announced on February 2nd, and I'm excited.  

I read the Newbery books every year.  I feel it's part of my job as a librarian, but I also thoroughly enjoy it as well.  

There is another award that is given that same day, and it is the Printz Book Award given to the best (for it's literary merit) YA (Young Adult/Teen) book published the previous year.  The book can be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and even a collection of short stories.  Though, I'm not sure I've ever seen a collection win.

The Printz Award has only been around since 2000; so it is a relatively new award.  However, books geared and written for the teens/young adults is relatively new as well.  For years it was children/juvenile books and adult books only.    

I do love YA books like many of you.  Though, I also struggle with the content in some YA books.  I love a good story, but I'm not a fan of violence or sex just to throw it in there to attract readers.  I personally think there needs to be a reason/need for it.  In YA and adult literature there seems to be some authors that throw content such as violence, sex, or drugs just to attract readers.  I don't enjoy that, but I do enjoy a well written book even if it does have some violence, or whatnot.

I have compiled a list of the 8 Best Printz Award Books.  These books are not all squeaky clean reads, but they are all fabulously written books that if they do involve some intense content it is for a legitimate purpose.

Are you a YA literature fan?  Which of these 8 books have you read? 

The 8 Best Printz (YA) Award Books

A Honor book in 2011
This tense psychological drama is a well written interesting read for both boys and girls 9th grade and up. 

A Honor book in 2010
This tense and incredibly descriptive horror book is a clean read, just gruesome.  Boys and girls alike will enjoy this book, though boys will probably love it.  
Best for 7th grade and up. 

A Honor book in 2009
This boarding school fiction is all about girl power.  Girls will love everything about this book and will want to read it over and over again. 
Best for 7th grade and up. 

A Honor book in 2007
This World War II book (not your typical WWII book) is well written and will touch your heart.  This thought provoking read was recently adapted into a movie.  I love the different point of view Zusak writes from in this book; it is very original and unique. 
Best for 7th grade and up. 


The Printz Medal winner in 2006
There is quite a bit of language, sex, and drugs in this story, but it is a well written story (very John Green, who is the author of The Fault in Our Stars, like) that I thoroughly enjoyed.  
Best for 9th grade and up. 

The Printz Medal winner in 2005
This medal winner is a well written fascinating novel that is almost like a dystopian.  The narrator is a girl, but boys and girls alike will enjoy this read.  
Best for 7th grade and up. 

The Printz Medal winner in 2000.
This medal book is a definite thinker/though provoking book; with the main character in jail boys will especially love this book.  This would be a great book for reluctant readers.  
Best for 7th grade and up. 

A Honor book in 2000
This thought provoking fiction novel about how a girl is affected from being raped.  The main characters reaction and growth show great character development and allow you as the reader to really feel for her. There are no details of the rape, and it is quite a clean read even with the subject matter. This would be a great class read; girls will gravitate to it, but boys could enjoy it almost as much if you can get them to pick it up. 
Best for 7th grade and up.  

Happy Printz Award Books reading! 

 Which of these Printz Award books are your favorite? 

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