Monday, December 15, 2014

Best Books to Give... Middle School, Teens, and Adults

The best books to give middle school kids, high schoolers, teens, YAs and adults.  Non-fiction, fiction, realistic fiction, graphic novels, classics, mysteries, historical fiction, and more found this book list. Alohamora Open a Book

In my opinion, books for a Christmas present or present of any kind make for the best gifts.

Previously, I gave you: 

Today, we finish the gift giving book lists with The Best Books to Give Middle School, High School/Teen/YA, and Adults.  I've given you books that everyone will love as well as specific books that boys will like and ones girls will like.  

Check it out. 

The Best Books to Give...
Middle School Students,  High School Readers, and Adults

Middle School:

High School:

for a fun Fairy Tale/Suspense read

for an inspiring read. 

However, a magazine of a subject your reader or child loves would also be a great choice for a gift as well.  Reading a magazine is still a form of reading and a good option for reluctant readers. 


for reasons listed above in high school

I am sure among this list above and the lists I gave you earlier you should be able to find an awesome book for any kind of reader of any age.  However, feel free to ask with any other questions. 

Happy Book Gifting this Holiday Season!

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