Thursday, September 25, 2014

My Favorite Adult and Young Adult Banned Books... Celebrating Banned Books Week

The best Banned Books for Adult and Young Adults.  Fast reads, thought provoking, inspiring, and eye opening books.  Alohamora Open a Book

This week is Banned Book Week.  

Yesterday, I gave you some classic and fabulous children's/juvenile books that were banned.  Seriously, fabulous books on that list.  Go check them out.  

Today, I am giving you Adult and Young Adult (YA) books that have been banned.  

As I said yesterday, there are many reasons for why books are banned.  However, in my opinion these books (yesterday and today) are all fabulous and insightful reads for many different reasons.  

Today I'm giving you some of my favorite Adult and Teen Banned Books, why they were banned, and why I think they are great books.  

As always, I'm always open to hear your thoughts and opinions on any of these books.  

My Favorite Adult and Young Adult Banned Books

Banned for violence and objectionable themes. 
Really is a great book for middle school and up students.  It's a fast read with a lot of depth, and thought of as the first dystopian book. 
Bonus, it's free on the Kindle right now. Use the link above. 

Banned for violence, sex, and because the book was thought to be pro-communist.
A classic book that isn't pro-communist but anti-government instead.  This is a great book club or English/Literature Class read with a lot of opportunity for discussions.

Banned for issues of rape and racial inequality.
Another often high school read for good reasons; this is a classic book for good reasons.  Honestly, this book is a favorite for many many people for many good reasons. 

Banned for language.
Catch-22, a no-win situation, and that includes war.  Really, a thought provoking book; which creating some thought and discussion is a good thing.   

Banned for religious viewpoint. 
Again, I'm not sure why books get banned.  Sure, this book has violence, but I guarantee teen readers are not seeing religious viewpoints while reading it.  This dystopian book is quite captivating and great for boys, girls, and reluctant readers. 

Banned for political viewpoints, racism, and violence. 
This graphic novel, aka comic, is best for middle school and up.  The pictures are fabulous, and the storyline really is fun.  Graphic novels are great for reluctant readers and readers needing a lower reading level.

Banned because it is considered a "downer."
This is a non-fiction, auto-biography book about Anne Frank while she was in hiding during World War II.  I'm not sure I've read any WWII book that isn't a "downer," but that doesn't mean it isn't a valuable book to read. 

Banned for being an unsuitable topic.
The banning of this book is truly ironic since it is a book about book burning and censorship.  Another great thought provoking read.   

Banned for it's content (drugs and sex) and offensive language. 
This book is a fast and eye opening read into the impact drugs and addiction can have.  Personally, I'd rather have individuals learn about the effect of drugs through reading a book rather than experiencing it themselves.  Many lessons can be learned from reading this book.  

Banned for offensive language. 
There is a lot of language, but it is a timeless coming of age novel. 

Banned for sex, b/c it challenges authority, and thought to be inappropriate for teens/YAs. 
The first book in a captivating series and book that is great for reluctant readers.  This book has been banned for many reasons (the sex is something that doesn't even happen which is far less than other YA books), but it's a book that gets kids reading and enjoying it.  That is always a good thing.   

Banned for violence and language.
A classic book that may be violent, but it brings about an interesting thought and situation. 

Banned for vulgarity and offensive/racist language.
A fast and captivating read that is a classic for many reasons.  It's thought provoking and timeless. 

Banned for homosexuality, offensive language, religious viewpoint, and sexually explicitly.
I will say this book is a heavy read about a subject that is tough to get through, but it is eye opening.  The heaviness is needed b/c it's not a pleasant situation.  However, just b/c something is tough and heavy to read doesn't mean it isn't a good and worthy book. 

Banned for offensive language and being sexually explicit.
This memoir is not always roses and candy, but it is realistic and has the ability to help the reader empathize and grow from tough situations. 

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