Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Even Children's Books are Banned- Banned Book Week

Children's/Juvenile/Kids Books that have been Banned.  A fabulous book list of banned books that are absolutely great reads for all sorts of difficul reasons.  This book list is to celebrate Banned Book Week.  A great list of books boys, girls, reluctant readers, and elementary to middle school students alike will enjoy.  Alohamora Open a Book

This week is Banned Books Week!  I have found that I love banned books week for several reasons.  Displaying books that have been banned in a library makes the kids want to read those books more.  It's all about having what they "can't" have that really lights the fire for some kids, or it at least gets them reading a book that is outside of their normal favorite genre/type.   

I also love banned book week b/c I find it quite entertaining to read about why some books have been challenged and banned.  

Did you know, Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr. was banned.  This is a child's book that I have read to my children since birth.  The simplicity with the colors and animals make it a fabulous concept book.  However, it was banned b/c a school board member confused the book with another book (totally non-related titles) by another Bill Martin. 

Seriously, is this not ridiculous?  I feel if you are going to be so passionate about banning and therefore censoring a book to an entire group of people you should at least know the book.

Honestly, I could go on and on about Banning Books, but I'll save y'all my soapbox lecture. :)  

Though I will say that parents and the readers themselves should be the ones to censor a book rather than a few people censor and ban it for an entire group.  Just my two cents. 

To celebrate Banned Book Week, and possibly get you interested in a book you would normally not think to read I'm going to share with you some of my favorite banned books, why they were banned, and why I think they have value.  

Today, you get My Favorite Banned Books for Children/Juveniles. Tomorrow Ill share my favorite Young Adult and Adult Banned Books.

Favorite Children Books That Were Banned

Banned for sorcery and witchcraft.
One of my all time, if not all time, favorite books/series.  The storyline is great, the message of good and evil is wonderful; it is just an all around fabulous book series. 

Banned for language (uses Lord’s name in vain), and disrespect towards authority.
A book full of adventure, friendship, and emotions.  Great read for boys and girls.

Banned because it was confused with another book. 
A great book for infants and toddlers to learn animals and colors.  Great concept book. 

Banned because of the author’s political views.
A great adventure book boys especially will love.  Often regarded as a classic for how well written it is.  

Banned because it is deemed to have offensive language and violence. 
A book series that boys 2nd-4th grade love for the silliness, and I believe getting boys interested in reading is a very important thing. 

Banned because of its language. 
A great book with real depth to it.  The few language instances are definitely in line with the character and her situation in the foster system.  A book all about learning what makes a mom, and that it is all about love. Best for girls 5th grade and up. 

Banned because it was thought that eating worms was gross and inappropriate. 
A truly fun and clean read for both boys and girls 3rd grade (even second possibly) and older. 

 Banned because it was thought to encourage messiness and disobedience.
This book of poetry is some of the best poetry for children.  Fun and relatable.  Every child, teenager, and adult I know still enjoy this book and all of Silverstein's books. 

Banned because it is felt to be violent and unsuited for the age group it's written for.
Most upper elementary and middle school kids that don't enjoy reading will read these books because of the stories. These books get kids to read; that's a big deal with huge benefits.  

Banned because the book states that only women can be witches, and some felt that was inappropriate.
Dahl writes some fabulous stories that are the perfect length and just fun to read for 2nd grade all the way up to middle school.  They are great books for a wide range of readers as well as boys and girls alike. They also make great read alouds

Banned because it is felt it portrays a poor philosophy of life.
Another fun Dahl book, and it has a few recent movies based on it.  Therefore, for reluctant readers you can get them to read the book and then compare it with the movie. 

Banned because it is felt that this book undermines religious beliefs.
This book is a classic, Newbery Winner, and known to be the first sci-fi.  Definitely a series that everyone should read.  Word on the street is they are making it a movie as well. 

Banned for being racially offensive.  Characters in the book make comments about Native Americans
A great historical fiction series that mostly girls really enjoy and come to learn more about the historical time period.  

Banned for thoughts that it has no value and supports negativism.
A classic story.  Who is to say a book, and the lessons it teaches have no value?  Reading alone has value enough.  Ebook versions are free.  

Banned because Harriet, the main character, apparently sets a bad example for children.
A well written fun book that boys and girls will like, but boys will be hesitant to pick it up.  Third grade and up will enjoy this book.  

Banned because of an attempted rape content. 
A well written book with a fabulous story, but it is geared and appropriate for older elementary students, 6th grade and up.

Banned for offensive language.
A historical fiction that will touch and impact the young and the old alike. A great read for boys and girls 6th grade and up 


  1. I had no idea so many books were banned! The reasons are just stupid! Lol only woman can be witches. I read all these when I was a kid and my kids will definitely be reading them too.

  2. I had no idea so many books were banned! The reasons are just stupid! Lol only woman can be witches. I read all these when I was a kid and my kids will definitely be reading them too.

    1. It's crazy the books that have been banned, and I agree... the reasons are stupid. I think publishing the list and letting people know of the absurdity is a great way to prevent future books from being banned for silly reasons.

      Thanks for the comment!

  3. Thank you for sharing!!! It's crazy the reasons books are banned. Although I would want a heads up about the second to last one. My kids know about sex by 6th grade but I'm not sure if they really understand rape. I would want to have a family discussion before they read that book.

    PS Glad we have some banned books in our home.