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The Best Picture Books for Kids AND Parents

17 of the best books that kids love and parents will enjoy reading over and over again.  They are just as fun for parents as they are the kids.  Picture Books. Fiction. Alohamora Open a Book

I LOVE reading to my kids.  I read to them every day.  My kids love being read to.  They will request story after story, and they will happily sit for at least 45 minutes at a time just reading books together.  They are only 2 and 3 years old, so that's pretty impressive for attention span if you ask me.  
I do love reading to my kids because it not only is incredibly beneficial for them (language development, writing down the road, etc.), but it is a lot of fun as well.  However, there are some books that my kids request over and over again that make me scream a little inside.  They are good books, but I get awfully tired of reading them.  I know I am a bad mom.   

Though, there are several books that I don't mind reading every single day b/c they entertain me just as much as they do my kids.  Meaning, I like the story and pictures as much as my kids like it.  Hello fabulous!

These 17 books are for all of those parents that are looking for a great book to read to their kids that they'll equally enjoy. 

The title of this book list is because I am a math nerd, and maybe other math nerds will enjoy it as well. :)     

17 Prime Books for Kids AND Parents 
The Best Picture Books for Kids that Parents Won't Mind Reading Over and Over Again

This one is may be my favorite of the Pigeon books, but they are all great for their simplicity and they seem to have the perfect text to picture ratio. 

A fun story with great repetition.  Plus, kids really love making the animal noises. 
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This book has fun rhythm and pace to an all around fun story. 
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A great simple book and beautiful pictures with yet a deeper story line.
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A great alphabet and numbers concept book with a equally great story. 

Just fun and a favorite of mine for years. 

A great story with good rhythm and message.  Plus, the kids will love the animal noises. 

A fun story that can be super fun to read if you really get into the accents.  

Absolutely hilarious book.  It can be a bit wordy for young kids, but it is still hilarious for parents and older kids. 

I do love many of the Bear books, but this one is my kids favorite. 
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I think this book is hilarious, and 2nd grade and up do as well, but it is a bit wordy for younger kids. 

A fun alphabet concept book for both boys and girls, young and old.  

A fun story that younger kids might not grasp completely, but they will still enjoy it.  

Just a fun fun book that was my favorite last year.  The young kids and older kids love it too. 
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The Pout Pout Fish by Deborah Diesen
This book has great rhythm and repetition with a really cute message. 

Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site by Sherri DuskeyRinker
My boy and my girl love this book, and I find it to be quite enjoyable as well.

Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems
There are so many Mo Willems books I love it was hard to narrow them down.  However, this one has been a favorite for years. 

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