Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What to READ after Magic Tree House

When I was an elementary school librarian up in Denver, when I worked in a public library in North Carolina, and now that I am a Mom and people know my librarian nerdiness I get asked this question a lot. 

What should/can my child read after Magic Tree House?
Reference for parents: What should/can your child read after Magic Tree House.  You want to keep them reading.  This book list can help you. Alohamora: Open a Book

It's a valid question.  A lot new readers gravitate to these books b/c they are short, but still "chapter books" (which is a very big deal for a kid), easy to read with simple sentences, realistic but yet they go to amazing places kids dream about, it's about a boy and a girl so both boys and girls are interested, and it's a series.  

Kids love book series (adults do to) b/c they already know the characters, writing style, and a bit of the storyline so they know what to expect.  

If you have a first or second grader the chances of them reading this series is high.  However, eventually they will run out of the 50+ fiction books and almost 30 non-fiction books,  Eventually they'll want something more. 

As a side note, the non-fiction research guides are actually pretty good and excellent for boys and the reluctant reader aka someone that doesn't like to read.  

The book list below will help you find a book or series or many hopefully that will most definitely interest your little reader.  Some of the series are quite large, and some are small.  

I have actually read at least one book in all of these series, and I've had numerous 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders tell me how much they like these.  

Go check them out, you may even enjoy them as well. ;)  

Life READING after Magic Tree House  

This mystery series reading level is a tad higher, but it's a great follow-up series for 2nd graders. You do not need to read these in order.

This is a great series for boys and reluctant readers. 

This series is great for fantasy fans, aka Harry Potter fans.

 Dragon of Doom is the 1st book in the series, its another fantasy book series for early readers.  So it's perfect for Harry Potter fans that need something shorter, easier and a book they can read on their own.

This is another early reader fantasy series.  

This funny, realistic fiction series is geared towards boy in grades 2nd and up. 

This series is geared more towards girls looking for a more humorous and realistic book.  Do not confuse this series with Junie B. Jones which is another early chapter book series; a lot of parents are not big fans of what Junie B. Jones does in some of her books. 

This book series is for all little girls that love fairies, Tinkerbell, etc.  This series is great for 2nd grade and up.  Even a high reading 1st grader could handle this.  

This humorous mystery series is great for 1st grade and up. 

Obviously a mystery series; it's perfect for 2nd grade reading levels and up.

This colorful pages and crazy fonts humorous book series may drive some parents bonkers, but kids love them.  Usually boys.  However, I know plenty of girls that love them as well.  This series is for a little higher of a reader, maybe late 2nd grade and up, but it's a perfect reluctant reader book. 

A realistic fiction with some fantasy mixed in book series is best for a higher reader.  It is probably best for late 2nd and early 3rd grade.

This three book series is funny and perfect for the Judy Moody fan, aka most girls.  Reading level is right around 3rd grader.

Kids either love or hate this mystery series; I'd probably start with the first book and see how your child feels.  It is perfect for around the 3rd grade reading level. 

A classically great series for the higher reading level around late 3rd grade. 

I hope you find this list helpful, and extensive.  I really wanted to give you options.  However, feel free to ask more specific questions.  Just b/c I get this question a lot, it doesn't mean it bothers me.  I still love talking books with anyone and everyone.

Happy reading!   


  1. This list is great! Thanks for sharing! Walter LOVES Magic Treehouse and is burning through them right now. Glad to have suggestions for him when he is done.

  2. Thank you! This was a great help.