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5 Books You Must Read Coming to Theaters

The 5 must read books that are coming to theaters in 2014.  These are the best books of the bunch and the movies have a lot to live up to.  Alohamora Open a Book

I did my thesis on book based movies and the impact it has on circulation aka checking books in and out.  Two months before a book based movie is released there is a huge surge in check-outs.  There is also a huge surge in check-outs a month after the book based movie is released.  Therefore, I was able to conclude that people love to read books that are based on movies just before and after the release date. 

In 2014 alone there are 16 book based movies.  That is a lot of movies, and possibly a lot of books for someone to read in a year. 

I narrowed it down to the 5 Must Read Books that you should definitely read this year especially if you are a book reader and movie watcher.

I've included the movie release dates for your convenience. 

The 5 Must Read Books
Coming to Theaters this Year

Comes to theaters March 21st
It's a fast read, and both boys and girls as well as the young and old love this YA dystopian action packed book.    

Comes to theaters June 6th
Great storyline and book that will bring tears to your eyes.  I imagine the movie to be more of a chick-flick, but the book has won many boys/men over with it's storyline. 

Comes to theaters August 15th
Is a classic dystopian type book that is short aka quick read, and it has a thought provoking storyline that is perfect for classrooms and book clubs.  If it's been awhile since you've read this classic you should give yourself a refresher before the movie.   

Coming to theaters Sept 19th
This action packed book is the one Dashner series I enjoy.  This book has an interesting storyline full of action and intrigue.  Boys absolutely love this series, and it's a perfect one for reluctant readers.  Girls find this book to be great as well.  It'd make a fun middle school read aloud book or a great book for a parent/child read. 

Comes to theaters Dec 25th
Somehow I forgot to write a review on this book I read with my book club.  This historical aka non-fiction aka true story book is fabulous, heart warming, and inspiring.  A definite must read.  

Consolation book/movie...
Comes to theaters Oct 3rd
This book has mixed reviews in my book.  The book starts great and ends a little less great.  All in all the book is mysterious and suspenseful and the characters are dark and twisted.  With the movie coming out in October it might make a good scary Halloween movie,  Be warned though the book has lots of language and other adult situations/scenes.  

All of these books are great books.  Some I love more than others, but I think they are all well written books.  With that said, the movies sure have a lot to live up to, and sometimes it is tough to like a book based movie b/c it feels exactly like this picture below.      

The 5 must read books that are coming to theaters in 2014.  These are the best books of the bunch and the movies have a lot to live up to.  Alohamora Open a Book

I love books, and I thoroughly enjoy a good movie.  However, after trying for far to long to find the perfect book based movie that includes absolutely everything from the book into the movie and brings it all to life exactly how I imagined/pictured it, I have come to the point where I try not to compare the book based movie to the book anymore.

It just isn't fair.  Books and movies are different.  They have different strengths and weaknesses.  

I have come to just enjoy them separately. 

With all that said, who is going to Divergent this weekend? Seeing as I just saw Catching Fire (thank you Red Box) last weekend, I would be pleasantly surprised if the movie Divergent was our date night this weekend. 

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