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Most Popular Books

The 5 Most Popular Books in 2013
As a result of the many book reviews you read this last year, I can now share with you your most popular books in 2013.  Speaking of dates, am I the only one that thinks it's crazy to say 2014? I seriously struggle with dates at the beginning of the year.  It seems impossible to say it is already 2014; however, maybe that's a sign that I am aging.  Good thing I recently read that reading a novel boosts your brain cells and activity.

5 Most Popular Books
in 2013

is a picture book written and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.  I must say that y'all chose well.  I love the simplicity of Jeffers text and illustrations; however, there is depth to his stories.  My toddlers happily request this book, but I have also used this book for church lessons with adults and children as well as in library and classroom lessons (Kindergarten all the way up to 6th grade).  Because of the simplicity of the text it keeps the attention of toddlers as well as older anxious kids, and the storyline and depth allow for discussion and connection in so many ways and areas.  If you want to teach your child/students that they can do hard things, but it may be it may take creativity, several attempts, and in a way they don't anticipate this book will be perfect.  I love Jeffers's books, and apparently so do you all!

is a young adult literature (YA) book by Sarah Dessen.  It was again another fabulous choice; y'all are doing well.  Sarah Dessen is a wonderful writer; I actually haven't found one book by her that I don't like.  All of her books are clean reads, storylines with depth, and have relateable and likeable characters.  It's a win-win book.  If you need a book for a teenage girl (even one, or especially one that doesn't love to read) then you should have her read this book or any book by Dessen.  

is a juvenile literature (elementary/middle school kids) book that won the Newbery, highest award for juvenile lit books, this past year.  This book is written by Jack Gantos, and it actually surprised me.  Dead End in Norvelt isn't your typical Gantos book, but it does have his same style.  As you can see in my review I think it well deserves the Newbery award; it is a fabulous book and a fabulous read for upper elementary kids all the way up to adults.  

is a YA book by Jackson Pearce that is absolutely wonderful and a most worthy read for everyone.  It has an interesting fairy tale twist (Little Red Riding Hood in case you were unsure), with a unique and captivating story line.  I loved it!  Plus, it's a fast read with good action that you can start and finish today.  To get you going, you can read the first 40 pages here. Since, my review of this book there have been 3 more fairytales retold by Pearce.  I'll be reviewing them soon.  

 by Ransom Riggs is another YA book with a fabulously original storyline.  However, this unique book also includes some quirky and somewhat disturbing photographs.  It's a fiction book, but it has real photographs that make the story even better.  This book is wonderful; no wonder it made the list, both mine and yours.  We have good taste. :)

All of these books are wonderful and deserve your popularity.  For those that haven't read these books you can add them to your list.  For those of you that have read them all, did these books deserve their popularity?     

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