Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not a YA book, but a popular one for a good reason!

I am sure you have seen this book on the shelves in your local Barnes & Noble, Borders, Costco, Target, and many other retail locations. I think it was after seeing it in all of those places and then also seeing two people reading it in the airport when I decided that I really needed to read this book. I also recently started a new job as a high school librarian, and I was lucky enough to have the book in my library. I plucked it off the shelf, and began the intriguing adventure.
This book is not a YA (young adult) literature book, it is an adult book, however, teenagers would love it. There is a little language and a few uncomfortable scenes, but nothing worse than some YA books. I wasn't uncomfortable with what was going on in the story.
The basis of the story is a 37 year old murder that a journalist is attempting to solve up in Sweden. I secretly love that the book was based in Sweden. I haven't read a book based in Sweden before, so it was a bit more exciting and exotic in a sense. I know, a silly reason to like the book, but I thoroughly enjoyed the setting.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has a great pace, and it keeps you interested throughout the story. As with many mystery books, you'll find yourself trying to solve the puzzle. Throughout the story I found myself constantly changing who I thought committed the murder. I actually prefer a mystery that I am constantly trying to solve. It makes the reading a bit more interactive and exciting.
I would also have to say that Stieg Larson did a great job of bringing all of the characters together, but yet having them tell their own stories as well. For the longest time I wasn't sure how Larson was going to connect the characters. I was interested in each of the main characters, but I wasn't sure how they were going to connect. However, they, obviously, ended up coming together perfectly.
Oh and just so you know, Stieg Larson died not long after he sent the manuscripts for the three books in this series. Therefore, you won't see anything else from him.
All in all, this is a great read. Definitely pick it up! If you have read it, let me know what you think. Did you end up reading the other two stories after?


  1. I'm glad to see this review. I have this book from the library (due next week) and I've seen a few tepid reviews lately, so I wasn't sure I should even try to read it. I'll give it a shot now. Thanks!

  2. Alright, I just finished reading the second book in this trio. "The Girl who Played with Fire" was good, but I would have to say that it wasn't as good as the first. I didn't find myself itching to solve the mystery. I was interested in the story, but it wasn't nearly as captivating. The story line itself was pretty good, but it definitely flow quite as nicely as the first one. My thought is that maybe if Larsson hadn't died after submitting his manuscripts than his editors could have worked with him on his story a bit more.

    I do also need to warn that the second book did have more sexual scenes. I was a bit uncomfortable, and I actually got to a point where I said if there was another scene I wasn't going to finish it. Well, after that point there wasn't another sexual scene, and I was very grateful for it.

    All in all, I am glad I read the book, but I don't think I'm going to read the third. If the second one didn't captivate me quite like the first, than I don't think I can expect that in the third. However, there was one pretty good surprise in the book, near the end of course. I did enjoy being surprised, but I think everyone likes to be surprised in a book.

    Happy Reading! Let me know what you think of the books if you have read them.