Friday, January 29, 2016

Simply Guacamole {Healthy}

The best Guacamole that is simple, easy to make, and clean eating.  No chemicals but only real ingredients for simple, refreshing, and delicious falvor! Alohamora Open a Book diet friendly, gluten free, easy, fast, appetizer, recipe, snack, potluck, game day, party, fiesta diet friendly, the best, amazing

Guacamole, I know there are a million and one recipes out there, but I think this one is Simply Delicious Guacamole.  It's simple and delicious and the best guacamole.  

When I was trying to photograph this guac I was struggling.  I know I am a very novice photographer, but I don't think guacamole is the most photogenic food. However, when I was struggling to get the shot I thought such deliciousness deserved my husband said that all I needed to tell you was,  

"This guacamole is way better than anything you can buy in the store that tastes fake and full of chemicals."  

This guacamole is the real deal, and you can't beat real clean eating delicious food.  So yum! 

Recipe: Alohamora
Active Time: 5 minutes
Inactive Time: 0 minutes
Servings: 4

1 large avocado
1 1/2 tsp dried minced onion or 1 Tbsp minced onion
1 tsp lime juice
1/8 tsp salt


  1. Slice your avocado in half, remove the pit (and save), and remove the delicious innards with a spoon, avocado slicer, or whatever means you desire into a bowl.
  2. Use a fork, spoon, or potato masher (my favorite tool to use) to mash the avocado. 
  3. Add the remaining ingredients and stir to combine everything with a spoon.
  4. Serve immediately with chips, vegetables, or just a spoon. :) 
  5. If you made this guacamole ahead of time, you will want to put the pit/pits if you made multiple avocados in bowl and cover it tightly with saran wrap (which I hate using) or a Tupperware lid of sort and place it in the refrigerator.  The pit will help prevent the guacamole from browning aka changing colors and looking less than appealing.  
  6. When you are ready to serve remove the pit and enjoy.
  7. Leftover guacamole isn't fantastic so I say just eat it all.  However, you can try saving a pit to place in your bowl, or you could attempt to freeze.  I have never saved it longer than 6-8 hours, but if you do please let me know. 
  8. Enjoy!  I love guacamole, and this guac is simply the best! 

Happy Simple, Delicious, Easy, and Fast Guacamole Making and Eating!

Go Broncos! :)

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