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Champion (#3 in Legend Series) gets 4.5 Stars {Dystopian}

Champion by Marie Lu is the 3rd book in the Legend series, a dystopian action/adventure series w a touch of romance.  This book and series is fast paced and well written, and boys and girls alike will thoroughly enjoy it.  Kids middle school and up as well as adults will enjoy this YA book lit series.  Alohamora Open a Book YA, teen, fast read, series, high school, Legend, Prodigy

Champion by Marie Lu is the third book in the Legend series, a fast paced, quick read dystopian novel with action, adventure, and romance. 

LegendProdigy, and Champion all get 4.5 out of 5 stars in my book reviews.  With all of them scoring so high in my book reviews you can rest assure that these books are great reads for boys, girls, middle school, high school, and adults.  All of these books are strong on their own; they each are great stories that together make a great series.  

Near the beginning of the book, on page 62, Day said his "Mom used to say that having three boys was kind of like having a pet tornado that talked back." This made me laugh; I can only imagine this to be true.  How many Moms with 3 boys have felt like this?

{Warning: Mild Spoilers Below}

Usually, I feel the ending of a series is poorly written, rushed, or cheesy.  However, the ending of Champion was great.  Lu did a great job ending the book b/c it all seemed realistic and plausible.  I like the maturity June showed by letting Day go, but yet the reader still has the hope for the possibility of the two down the road b/c June is letting Day take the steps.  I like that Aden and June dated a while and truly gave it a shot since you as a reader saw that build-up during the last two books.  The entire ending is happy enough, but not cheesy.  All in all, the ending is great!  

The reason Champion lost half a star is b/c of the rushed battle.  The entire series, especially this book, leads up to the battle with the colonies.  When the battle actually began I feel Lu wasn't quite sure how to write it.  It all seemed rushed, a bit chaotic, and then all of a sudden the battle was over.  June was in the midst of the battle fighting people and then all of a sudden there was nothing; I almost felt like Lu forgot the battle was going on b/c she wanted the story and characters to develop and build.  Basically, I felt the writing of the culminating battle was anti-climatic and not the author's best writing.  it was a bit disappointing to say the least. 

All in all, Champion is a great final book in the Legend series.  Have you read the series yet? 

Amazon had the following book review from School Library Journal

"Factions will fight, traitors will be tried and convicted, and secrets revealed before star-crossed lovers Day and June's powerful story ends in the final book in the trilogy. Day and his brother, Eden, are in San Francisco for medical treatment after Eden was subjected to virus experiments by the Colonies. June is in Denver acting as one of the Princeps-Elect. After months apart without any communication, June asks Day to return with Eden so that the Republic can use the virus Eden is carrying to find a cure for the plague that has invaded the Colonies. The Colonies believe that the Republic has a cure, and issue an ultimatum that unless the Republic reveals it, the Colonies will attack. Then they renege on their promise to hold off and attack without warning. The Republic's Elector desperately needs allies but no one wants to help. Day is also trying not to let June know that he's dying. The Colonies' Chancellor knows that the people will follow Day, and if Day can get the citizens to accept the Colonies' rule, the Chancellor promises to save them and Day's loved ones. Can they find a cure for the virus in time? Can Day and his old Patriot friends defeat the Chancellor and his soldiers? June and Day's future together is equally uncertain. They love each other but their painful pasts and June's involvement in Day's family's deaths will always be between them. Lu's unexpected ending adds an extra poignancy to their complicated relationship. Fans who loved Legend (2011) and Prodigy (2013, both Putnam) won't want to miss this one."  

If you liked Hunger Games or Divergent you will like this Legend series.  I personally think the Legend series is the strongest in writing, in regards to all three books being strong novels with good storylines that hold their own, of the three trilogy series mentioned.  

Which series is your favorite? 

Happy dystopian action/adventure reading!

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