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Books on Being a Good Friend and Friendship {Picture Book List}

A Book List on Being a Good Friend and Good Friendships.  These picture books are all great read alouds for parents, teachers, and librarians.  Funny and humorous books boys and girls alike will enjoy.  Character Education. Toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten 1st 2nd 3rd 4th.  Even lesson ideas. Alohamora Open a Book Mo Willems, Sauer, Cannon, Long, Kann, Wilson, Pfister, Schertle authors.  Books to teach good traits.

For some people being a good friend and making friends is easy; other people find it to be difficult.  However, having good friends and being a good friend is important at any age.  Friends have power and can do things no one else can do, and there is a lot of fun and crazy adventures you can have with your friends.

A little over a month ago I met up with a childhood friend.  I hadn't seen her for 15 years, but yet we connected like no time passed.  However, there are 8 kids between us now. :)  This friend was my crazy fun friend.  We toilet papered her backyard b/c we were too afraid to go anywhere else.  We drove a golf cart to school (and instantly became the cool kids), and rode our bikes miles to pick up a frozen pizza.  We played any and every sport with boys or girls; we just liked to play.  We had a lot of fun, and meeting up with her was a lot of fun.  

Good friends are important, and being a good friend is important.  Using books to teach something at home or in the library/classroom  is a valuable, strong, and powerful tool.  This Book List about Being a Good Friend should be your friend. (Was that last one funny, or just dumb and cheesy?) 

Yay for friends!

A Book List for Being a Good Friend

A shark and a minnow, very unlikely marine life, are best friends.  However, some think that isn’t possible, and Nugget, a minnow, begins to believe them.  It’s a fun book with fun pictures many ages will enjoy.
Best for Toddler to 3rd Grade.

From the same authors of Pinkalicious, this book has a great message about being a good friend and being who you are.  It works for last week’s book list of Being You, but I included it on this week b/c being a good friend has power to help and change people.
Best for Toddlers to 3rd Grade.

Stellaluna is a bit wordy of a book, but it has a great message that we may look alike or look different or be alike to be different, but no matter what we can be friends.
Best for 1st Grade to 4th Grade.

This book has a great rhythm to it, and the pictures are great as well.  The take-away message, which is clearly told, speaks to the importance of being a good friend b/c you will need them.  Boys and girls alike love this book.
Best for Toddlers through 2nd Grade.

We love the Bear books by Wilson.  There are so many good ones to enjoy, and this one, Bear’s New Friend, is a good one.  Bear and his friends are so willing to befriend Owl, and invite him to play with them. 
Best for Toddlers to 1st Grade.

This book was one of my very first Mo Willems’ books, and it is still one of my favorite.  The pictures are fabulous, the text and storyline is superb, and it is an all around fun book for so many ages.  I’ve used this book for lessons to 1st graders as well as 3rd graders, and my toddlers love it as well.  Leonardo learns that he isn’t a good monster, but we all need friends and he can be a wonderful friend. 
Best for Toddlers to 4th Grade.

This classic well known book is a good reminder that sharing and doing things we may not want to do is part of being a friend.  This book has a really great lesson especially for the younger kids. 
Best for Toddlers to 2nd Grade.

Otis, the friendliest little tractor, makes everyone happier and everything better at the farm.  This touching story is a good reminder that we need friends, and friends can often help us in ways no one else can. 
Best for Toddlers to 2nd Grade.

These 8 books make for a fantastic way to teach a lesson on character education and what it takes to be a good friend and what good friendship is in general.  

Plus, these 8 books are just fun quality picture books that make from some fantastic read alouds.  Even parents won't mind reading these books over and over again.  

There are a ton of friendship books, but these are my favorite right now.  What are yours? 

Happy Friendship and Being a Good Friend Book reading!

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