Thursday, June 18, 2015

$5 DIY Father's Day Gift- A Personalized Finger Painting

$5 DIY Father's Day Gift- A Personalized Finger Painting on Canvas kids can quickly and easily do.  Plus, the clean up is a breeze.  This personalized handmade gift is the perfect Father's Day gift. Alohamora Open a Book gift, kid friendly, easy, cheap, fast,

Father's Day is coming up.  I swear it sneaks up on me faster and faster each year, or maybe it's the more kids you have the quicker time goes.  How do people with more than 3 kids do anything at all?

This Father's Day I decided a personalized finger painted picture by the kids would be the best gift.  I didn't have a lot of time, and I'm running short on funds. 

This $5 DIY Father's Day Gift is easy to make, takes only a few supplies, clean up is a snap, and the kids love finger painting.  In only a few minutes and a few bucks you'll have a personalized handmade gift this year.

Here's the quick tutorial/how to:

What You Need:

  • Blank Canvas Picture: You can get any canvas size.  I found a 12x12 inch canvas at JoAnns, and I could use a coupon making it less than $5. 
  • Finger Paint: Any colored paint you want.  I used some Crayola Finger Paint I had on hand b/c it is washable and ideal for a 4, 3, and 7 month old to paint with.  However, you can use whatever paint you want.
  • Painters Blue Tape: you won't need a lot of tape, but enough to make the design you want.  

 DIY Personalized Father's Day Painting How To:
  1. Take your blank canvas and use the blue tape to make your desired design.  Put the blue tape where ever you want white to appear  
  2. I did at times cut the blue tape in half or even fourths to get the desired width.
  3. Lay the canvas on a trash bag, and place some finger paint on paper plates. 
  4. Let your kids start painting; be sure they cover the entire canvas.  A lesson I learned while my kids painted is to have a lot of baby wipes on hand.  Seven month olds like to put their hands everywhere.   
  5. When done painting let the picture dry completely before removing blue tape.
That's all.  This is a crafty/artsy gift even non crafty or artistic people can do.  Trust me.  You are now done with a perfect handmade Father's Day gift.

Holler with questions, otherwise... 

Happy inexpensive DIY Father's Day Finger Painting Gift  making and enjoying!  

Happy Father's Day! 

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