Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The 14 Best PUMPKIN Picture Books

The 14 Very Best Pumpkin Picture Books out there.  All fun books about pumpkins, some with a little Halloween to them (mostly jack-o-lantern connections).  All non-scary and great read alouds for a parent, teacher, or librarian.  Many of the books would make great lessons for reading, math, science, or writing.  Alohamora Open a Book

Last week, I gave you 16 Fabulous FALL/Autumn Picture Books.  I told you then that there were far too many excellent Pumpkin books, and I would need to do a Pumpkin Book List All on it's own.  

Therefore, Today you are getting The 14 Best Pumpkin Picture Books.  These 14 books are great read alouds for a parent, classroom teacher, or librarian. There are books loved by toddlers, and other books that are excellent for an older child.  Basically, these are all amazing picture books you should strive to get your hands on this Fall.

I personally just expanded my own Pumpkin Book Library with a couple Amazon purchases from books on this list.  I feel that if we are ordering something from Amazon, I might as well throw a book in the order as well.  :)  Some people buy shoes or music; I buy books. 

I will state that some of these books have a Pumpkin Halloween connection, but I felt they were more Pumpkiny rather than Halloweeny.  Don't worry, I'll be getting you a Halloween Book List as well. 

 The 14 Best PUMPKIN Picture Books

A cat, squirrel, and duck are the best of friends who learn while making soup it is best to work together.
Best for Toddler to 3rd Grade

A fun story about a lady who doesn't like pumpkins, at all, but ends up growing far too many of them purely on accident. 
Best for Kindergarten to 3rd Grade 

Fun pictures and fun repeated rhyming story that is perfect for the young kids.  Fabulous read aloud.   
Best for Toddlers to 2nd Grade

This was a favorite Fall/Autumn book of mine in the library to help teach seasons and the life cycle of a pumpkin. 
Best for Preschool to 1st Grade

This book may seem more Halloweenish, but it really is about a BIG Pumpkin and what/who it takes to get it to the Witch's house.  This is definitely not a scary Halloween book. 
Best for Toddlers to 3rd Grade 

This book has some definite lesson idea/plan connections dealing with Math and Science.  The teacher in the book teaches simple concepts like counting by twos to older concepts like estimation and comparison. Fun lesson book for any teacher.
Best for Kindergarten to 5th Grade

The life cycle of a pumpkin in realistic pictures.  A teacher could easily include this book into the life cycles of other plants having the kids make their own books.  
Best for 1st Grade to 4th Grade. 

Such a fun picture book that every toddler, boy or girl, will love and want to be read over and over again.  This book is about a silly duck that wants to carve a pumpkin for Halloween.  A non-scary Halloween book. 
Best for Toddler through 2nd Grade

A rhyming story about a fun Pumpkin Fair with all things pumpkin related. 
Best for Kindergarten through 3rd Grade.

A fun and simple story about a boy growing a pumpkin to share with a friend.  The illustrations are very Mary Englebreit-ish and quite beautiful. 
Best for Toddlers to 2nd Grade.

  Simple rhyming text that depicts realistic scenes of pumpkin to jack-o-lantern.
Best for Toddlers to Kindergarten.

 A very simple book to the popular hand play/puppet.  Kids will love to "read" this one on their own. 
Best for Toddlers to Preschool maybe Kindergarten

A great Fall book with a cute story to talk about differences, such as big/small, smooth/bumpy.  The characters do carve a pumpkin for Halloween, but the focus of the story is on the pumpkins.
Best for Toddler to 3rd Grade

Good (not always real) rhyming words with simple text and fun illustrations makes this book a winner for the younger kids. 
Best for Toddlers to 2nd Grade

Happy Pumpkin Picture Book reading!   


  1. I have The Big Pumpkin book as a listening center. I think I got it through Scholastic. It came with a TAPE (ha ha, not a CD so it is old!) and it is the CUTEST thing ever. It is a MUSICAL and the narrator and characters sing and have amazing voices! The witch is the BEST! It is a MUST every year!

    1. How awesome is that?! Narrated Big Pumpkin would make for a fantastic listening center. Good thing schools are old school and have plenty of tape players. :)