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Free Lesson Plan for Teaching IDEAS of the 6 Writing Traits

Teach the IDEAS Writing Trait from the 6 Writing Traits using this picture book and free printable lesson plan for librarians, teachers, or homeschoolers.  This lesson is geared towards 1st/First Grade but could be used in Kindergarten or 2nd/Second Grade.  Alohamora Open a Book

A lot of schools use the 6 Traits of Writing to teach Writing in the classroom.  As a teacher I emphasized these traits when teaching writing.  As a librarian, I collaborated with teachers to teach lessons around the 6 Writing Traits.  

With so many schools, teachers, and librarians teaching the 6 Traits, and so many of those lessons often involve picture books (b/c let's be honest using a book to teach good writing is just logical) I thought I would give y'all a free lesson you can print out and use in the classroom, library, or homeschool environment.   

This 6 Traits of Writing: IDEAS Lesson Plan is geared towards 1st/First Grade level, but it could be adapted for Kindergarten or Second/2nd grade.  You could also easily include and make a SmartBoard notebook to go with it.

PS: I'm still trying to figure out how to share SMART notebook files with yall.  If anyone know please holler.   

I used a fabulously fun book, especially for 1st graders, for the lesson; Officer Buckle and Gloria by Peggy Rathmann is a fabulous read aloud and works great for the IDEAS Writing Trait.

For an easy click and print version of this lesson plan click here for the document.

Written by/Copyright: Alohamora Open a Book

Lesson Plan written for library instruction or classroom instruction.

The IDEAS are the heart of the message, the content of the piece, the main theme, together with all the details that enrich and develop that theme. The ideas are strong when the message is clear, not garbled.

1st grade- IDEAS Writing Trait

What Taught/Objective: 2. (Red) Write and speak for a variety of purposes and audiences.  Write for the following purposes to address a variety of subjects and audiences: To entertain, to inform or explain, and to reflect.

Materials Needed:       
-          Have several books of Fiction and Non Fiction to entertain and to inform

How Taught/Procedure:   
           1.     Why do we write-
a.       to entertain and to provide information
b.      List the reasons on the board.

2.      I have several different books here.  I want you to help me determine which books are written with the idea to entertain and which books are written with the idea to provide information.
a.       Go through books one by one.
b.      Have students explain how they know that it was written with the idea to provide information (and on what) or entertain.
                                                                          i.      Cover, etc. 

3.      Authors usually write with the purpose to entertain or to provide information. 
a.      However, it usually determines what you are writing about and who is going to read it.

4.      When you write you probably do the exact same thing.  You probably write at times to entertain people to make them laugh and have them enjoy what you wrote, or to provide information so they learn something (like your kid pics projects.  You wrote those so people would learn more about the person you were studying).

5.      If I was going to write a story for Kindergartners to read so that they would know what first grade is going to be about I would be…
a.       Writing a story to provide information to them or to make them laugh?
b.      Have on the board or SmartBoard- Entertain and Information.
c.       As go through these point on the SmartBoard to the entertain or for info.

6.      If I wanted to write a story for my brother to read for fun… I would be writing a story to entertain.

7.      If I was writing a letter to a friend to tell them about all of the cool things there is to see in Colorado… I would be writing to provide them with information.

8.      Could we say that we write to provide information and to entertain people? However, it depends on what we are writing about and who is going to read what we write?
a.       We can write to entertain for our parents, brothers, sisters, friends, and teachers to read. 
b.      We can write to provide information for our parents, brothers, sisters, friends and teachers to read. 

9.      Looking at the cover of “Officer Buckle and Gloria” can you tell if this book is for entertainment or to provide information?
a.       How can you tell?

10.  In this book there is one of the characters that provide information to students at a school.  There is another character that provides entertainment. 
a.       See if you can figure out which one provides entertainment and which one provides information.

11.  READ “Officer Buckle and Gloria” by Rathmann.

12.  Which character provided the information- Officer Buckle

13.  Which character provided the entertainment- Gloria

14.  Review/Summarize the story.  What was the main idea of the story?
a.       Working together helped both of them succeed.

15.  Both Officer Buckle and Gloria were presenting to students at schools, but Officer Buckle was presenting for the purpose of providing information.  Gloria was there for the purpose of entertaining.
a.       Having them both there helped the students learn the safety rules and be entertained so they could remember the rules.
b.      Sometimes authors write to both entertain the reader and to provide information.
c.       Your kid pics provided information, but with the pictures you drew it also was entertaining.

How Assessed:  By students being able to recognize which books entertain and which books provide information as well it depends on what we are writing about and who is going to read it.


Happy fun picture book reading and teaching students and kids on the IDEAS writing trait!   

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