Friday, July 25, 2014

You Know You're a Literary Nerd When...

Take a quiz to determine how much of a book/literary nerd you are. Aloharmora Open a Book

Today, I've come up with a little quiz/test to determine... 

How Much Of A Book Nerd You Are? 

Of the 15 below statements, how many can you say yes to? 

1.  You can never quickly and concisely answer the question, “What is your favorite book?”

2.  In your eyes, authors are rockstars and you know most everything about them; they are your favorite people to follow on Facebook or Twitter.  For example, you may have known that Roald Dahl was a British Spy and fighter pilot as well as an author.

3. You have chosen to stay home from a social event so you could read.

4.  You have laughed out loud in public b/c of a book you were reading.

5.  You love lending out your favorite book b/c everyone should read it, but you hate lending out your favorite book b/c you know you won’t see it again.

6.  You hate when movie adaptations miscast a character; it almost always ends up ruining the movie for you.

7.  You remember parts of a book better than you remember your own childhood.

8.  You become depressed after reading the last book in a series.

9.  Your loved ones know you are lying when you walk into a bookstore or library and say, “I’ll just be a second; I want to look real quick.”

10.  No one ever wants to help you move.

11.  You have dressed up like a book character for Halloween or for a book release.

12.  You have dressed up your child as a book character for Halloween or a book release.  Pets can count as well. 

13.  You have read a book/series so many times that you’ve lost count.

14.  However, you still cry or get scared at the same parts each and every time you read those beloved books.  For example, you cry when Dumbledore dies or when Charlotte from Charlotte's Web dies.

15.  You know and/or celebrate a book character's birthday? For example, Harry Potter’s birthday is on July 31st. 

If you said "yes" to...

13-15 statements:  
You are most definitely a book nerd and proud of it.

9-12 statements:  
You are a book nerd, but you don’t necessarily flaunt it.

4-8  statements:   
You like to read, but you are not a book nerd.  Probably a cool kid that reads.

0-3  statements:  
Do you even enjoy reading? 

Now let us be honest.  How many did you say Yes to? 

I am totally a 15.  There was one point in my life, way back in my public school K-12 grades that I would've been a 0; I most definitely did not enjoy reading.  Actually, I hated to read; reading was hard and absolutely no fun or enjoyment came from it.  

I haven't always been a full on score 15 book nerd.  For a good portion of time I was even in denial of my literary nerdiness and actually thought I was somewhat cool b/c of my love for sports.  

However, I have now come to accept that I am a book nerd.  At some point we all have to come to accept who we really are. :)  

With all of that said, I'm super excited for Harry Potter's bday next week.  I'm making a cake, chocolate with green writing on it of course, on Thursday and will be sharing Harry Potter book related recipes all week long.  

So exciting! 

So really, I'd love for you to comment (here or FB) and tell me what you got.   

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