Thursday, June 5, 2014

Snowmen All Year gets 5 Stars

Snowmen All Year gets 5 out of 5 Stars.  This rhyming picture book is great for babies (hence the reason they have board books) all the way up to 1st or even possibly 2nd grade. Beautiful pictures, and fun hidden things to find in each picture.  It will remind you of Frozen and Olaf.  Alohamora Open a Book

My son has been requesting this book as his nap time and nightly book for the past 6 months aka since we got it.  He LOVES Snowmen All Year by Caralyn Buehner

Yesterday when my daughter also wanted to read it before nap time it was a struggle for the little guy to give this book up and share with her.  

I have to agree with my son on the book.  I do love it as well. Which is why I gave this book 5 out of 5 stars. 

Snowmen All Year is the perfect length of a book, has fun rhyming and rhythm, beautiful pictures, and a chance for fun interaction.  It's a great book for all ages, plus it'll remind you of Olaf from Frozen, unless you are my kids than Olaf in Frozen will remind them of this book. 

I love reading to my son and he loves being read to.  He can actually sit still for a good book far longer than older kids I know.  However, I think that is mostly due to his love for books.  My son though is a boy and a very active boy.  Some books are just too long (Library Lion is one of those and his sister loves it so we read it a lot; I'll do a review next week about it) and he just can't sit still the entire time.  However, Snowmen All Year is the perfect length for a classroom read aloud, writing lesson, preschool class, or story time with your toddler. 

The text/writing throughout Snowmen All Year is rhyming aka a big poem and has good rhythm.  It's full of fun word choice for kids and you teachers out there looking for lessons on the 6 Writing Traits will find this book a great asset.  

I also love the pictures by Mark Buehner aka the author's husband (how fun to work as a team).  The pictures are vibrant and fun, plus every page has hidden items to look for.  The ducks are by far the easiest to spot which is what my kids look for first.  However, the dinosaurs are a bit harder and there are even a few pages my husband haven't found him on.  It's fun to have optional interaction like that in a book that is easy and difficult so all ages enjoy it.  

All in all, Snowmen All Year by Caralyn Buehner is a great picture book, a fun read aloud, and actually my favorite "Snowmen" book by Buehner.  If you haven't read this on go check it out. 

Amazon had the following book review

“I love to build a snowman/On freezing winter days./But when the sun is bright and warm/My snowman melts away./There's nothing but a puddle/When my snowman disappears./If only he were magic/And could stay with me all year!” With these words, a gap-toothed boy begins an odyssey with his carrot-nosed friend, teaching him to swim and to fly a kite, visiting the amusement park and the zoo, playing at the beach, watching fireworks, and so on. Caralyn Buehner's rhyming text–only occasionally bumpy–sets the scene nicely, while Mark Buehner paints the scenery in gorgeously luminous oils and acrylics. With changing perspectives, places, and details that show off the illustrator's skill and imagination, every spread explodes with glee. Readers will explore the pictures again and again to take up the trademark challenge: find the hidden creatures in each scene. A celebration of friendship and sheer fun.–Susan Weitz"    

Happy Reading!  

If you are in a hot place like me this summer, maybe reading this book will help you cool off, though it probably won't.  However, it's still fun to read about snowmen all year. :)


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