Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Rusty Key

I came across this website, The Rusty Key, and I wanted to quickly share it with you.  I know that it can get frustrating when you are wanting a new book to read, but you want it to be a really good one.  You may be one that isn't an avid reader, or you may be, however, you don't want to waste your time reading a book that isn't great.  Nobody likes to force their way through a book; that's exactly what we had to do in school.  Reading a book b/c you have to isn't nearly as enjoyable of a reading experience.  I thought over the next week I would post a few sites that I came across that you could use, besides this one of course :), to help you choose your next great book to read.  I'm just trying to make your life, filled with good books, a little bit easier.

The Rusty Key is a website that is committed and "dedicated to all things Kid Lit, covering picture books through teen fiction."  As they state, "Our mission is to promote the finest in children's literature, and to aid kids, parents, teachers and librarians in helping young readers to get their hands on the books that they'll love for a lifetime."

Therefore, if you are a fan of juvenile and/or young adult literature this would be a handy site for you.  They have a decent number of book reviews as well as a handful of author interviews.  Unfortunately, I didn't see an easy place to search for a review of a specific book, but maybe they'll put that in there someday.  Until then the "archives" section has book reviews separated by age groups; this could come in handy if you are looking for some good summer reading books for you or a kid you know. 

For the most part I enjoyed and agreed with their book reviews, but I really wish you could search the site a little bit easier.  Now, Rusty Key's book reviews are not hugely extensive, but the readers of 3rd- 8th grade materials will be decently happy with the selection of reviews to peruse.  Be sure to check it out!

Oh, and I apologize for my slacking posts as of lately.  I again had to take another class for my teaching license, and I was pressed to finish it before this baby boy comes in 2 weeks or less.  Excitedly, I just took the final Saturday and I am officially done with all of the classes (3 of them) that I needed to take to transfer my license.  Yay!  I am excited to read more of the books I want to read rather than have to read.  Oh, speaking of books I want to read, there is one coming out Tuesday.  I'll post about that tomorrow.    

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