Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!

I've read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson a million times.  Okay, it may not be a million times, but I have read it a lot.  This is a fun, short (only 80 pages with pictures scattered throughout) chapter book to read during the Christmas season.  This book has many humorous parts, it's a quick read, and it tells about the true meaning of Christmas.  This book would make a great read aloud with one of your elementary aged kids.  Plus, you could probably finish it before Christmas if you start right away.

The story is set in a town that holds a Christmas pageant at the church every year.  The pageant is always the same, the kids play the same parts, and it is all in all not the most exciting of pageants.  This year the pageant director gets hurt and can not direct the show; a new director comes in and changes things up a bit.  The new director allows things to be a little different and that includes letting the Herdmans, the absolute worst kids in the world, be involved.  The Herdmans are known around town for starting fires, bullying others, and all around being the worst kids ever.  Now, the Herdmans are not church goers but initially start attending for the free food.  However, what they end up changing/adding to the pageant is what makes this book not only funny but heartwarming.  It is an all around fun and classic children's Christmas book.  You should most definitely read it!

This last week I was in Barnes and Noble; I headed straight for the Children's section b/c that is who I am and what I do.  On a table's display was a picture book version of "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever."  I of course read the picture book; it was okay, but not the greatest.  The picture book tries hard but it leaves out so many of the fabulously funny details that what partly make the story great.

If you are really lazy you should read the picture book this season.  However, if you are only a little bit lazy you should pick up this super short chapter book; it is worth the little time it takes to read it.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is a wonderful book that you will be tempted to read every Christmas season.  This last time around I loved every minute of this book, and I have read it a plethora of times.

Enjoy this humorous story!

As always, let me know your thoughts on the book.

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