Saturday, July 16, 2011

Harry Potter 7 Part 2

Unless you have been living under a rock you are well aware that the absolutely very last Harry Potter movie came out yesterday.  I of course went to the movie.  I am a first showing of the day kind of person. No, not that midnight showing, but he first showing of the day at 10 am or whatnot.  I can't handle the midnight showings; I am a pansy and I don't think I'd appreciate the movie as much if I am tired.  Therefore, I have always, every single HP movie, gone to see the first showing of the day.  This movie was no exception.  On the drive to a nearby theater I found myself giddy with anticipation, but a little sad that this is the last one.  I felt this exact same way when I read the 7th book for the first time; I was giddy, but then sad that it would soon be done.  I am sure most of you can relate to these feelings.

I LOVED the movie, though I love the books as well.  I always think of the movies and the books separately. I don't try to compare them though I naturally do.  Sure, there were things that were different in the movie, but the movie was still great.  I thought the emotion McGonagall possessed in the movie and during the fighting scenes were fabulous.  I loved Neville having his brave moment killing Nagini.  I loved seeing Aberforth fight.  I loved how good overcame evil.  I absolutely loved the Lilly/Snape story (though I loved that in the book too).  I loved so much about the story.

I cried a lot during the movie.  It was a good thing I randomly stuck a Kleenex pack in my purse.  I cried during the Lilly/Snape story.  I cried when Snape died.  I cried when Harry used the Resurrection Stone and saw his family and loved ones.  I cried when Fred died.  I cried when I saw Lupin and Tonks hands almost touching both when they were about to fight as well as when they were lying on the ground dead.

Sure, there were things that disappointed me in the movie.  I was a little sad that I didn't see more of Ginny in the movie, and  I was sad that I didn't get to see Teddy at the end of the movie.  However, the things that disappointed me were far less than things that I loved.

I love the Harry Potter books and the movies!  What did yall think of the  movie?


  1. We went and saw it yesterday. I told my husband Harry Potter is my other baby. I cried so much in this movie. I thought it was the best movie and I was very sad that it's the last. I do wish they had used Adult actors in the last scene.

  2. Holy smokes. I cried at all those same parts, plus I'm sure more. I thought the movie was amazing, even with the few changes. I totally couldn't sleep in Friday morning because I was too excited!!

  3. Oh, and P.S.. I also got a little teary eyed when they started playing the original Harry Potter soundtrack at the end. :)